Tips For Good Website Design

Oct 2015

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In today’s world every company needs an online presence. If you are not present on the internet that means you are non-existent as a business. Website targets the masses, hence it’s important to have an appealing design for your website. Good website design is important to create a good impression on your site visitors.

Tips for Good Website Design

Some tips for good website design:

1) High Quality Content with keywords: As it is said, “Content is the king”, it’s always preferable to have high quality content because that’s what drives visitors to a website. Keywords are the words which people use in their search options and these keywords will help search engines to search your website.

2) Responsive Design: Creating a responsive design means adapting to the screen size of device the visitor is using. Responsive design improves the viewing experience of the visitor as it gives an optimal view of the website layout.

3) Text: Text on the website should be readable. It should neither be too small or too big. The background should not interrupt the text and the information hierarchy should be clear.Narrow text columns can be considered as they make reading easier.

4) Navigation: The design of the website should be pleasing to the eye or else visitors will not prefer it. A good design is easy to understand and uses navigation buttons effectively. Each menu item should be linked to the respective page for the information. Large websites can also have sitemap or index.

5) Pages: Making the pages too cluttered or adding up too much images make a website unappealing for a visitor and a good website design should make sure that the pages download quickly. More images will make the website load slowly. Apart from the photo gallery, keep minimal images on the page.

6) Graphics: The buttons used should not be too big and animated graphic should turn off automatically. Every graphic link should have a matching text link. Make use of your custom logo design on your website too, as visitors get appealed to it easily.

Good web design will encourage visitors to come back. So it’s important to spend some time on planning your website design. A professional service can help make your website get a professional and attractive look which will help increase the traffic to your website which will in turn lead to the growth of the company.

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