Top 12 Reasons To Consider Joomla As Your CMS

Jan 2016

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Are you planning to create your own website? The first step towards creating it would be choosing the right CMS. There are many factors which should be considered before going for your content management system. Factors like cost, quality, flexibility and management are some of the key elements which should be taken seriously if you are planning to go for CMS. Though there are many CMS present in the market which might be alluring at first sight, there are very few which are winner on all the parameters.

Top 12 Reasons to consider Joomla as your CMS

Joomla is one such CMS which has everything what it takes to become the most extensive and comprehensive website development platform. Being developed on PHP language, it uses MySQL to store data. It allows users to easily put their content on the website as being an open source it works on template system. Though there are many reasons which makes Joomla the best CMS, listed below are the top 12 reasons which will make you fall for it as your CMS.

1. Free Open Source

As it is an Open Source Platform, Joomla boasts of being the most cost-effective website development platform. It is free to download and customize according to your business requirements. You can easily modify the codes and and make it suitable for your website. Since the initial cost involved is very less, Joomla is preferred over other CMS.

2. Fast Loading of Site

One of the most common reason for your visitors to go to your competitor could be your slow website. Your visitors are more likely to visit you if your website load time is really less. With its powerful core features, Joomla can make your website really fast. You can make your visitors love your website by providing them with fastest website developed on Joomla.

3. Easy to Install and Use

There is no need to spend your hard earned money on web experts while developing your website. You can easily handle the installation and setup of your website. With joomla it will not be more than 15 minutes to install and work on your site. If you are still worried about it, you can go for “one click installation” and get everything done within the shortest span of time.

4. Larger Applicability

The best part about Joomla is the wide utility it provides. You can design a website for anything ranging from news portals to recruitment sites. Joomla will give you liberty to design a website for any nature of business you are dealing with. The kind of diversity it provides as far as usage is concerned is phenomenal and will give you every reason to prefer it over others CMS.

5. Multilingual

Do not get bogged down by the language barrier. With its multilingual feature and cosmopolitan system, Joomla is here to give you a much bigger market. You can choose from Hebrew, Catalan, French, Portuguese, Spanish and many other languages. Joomla makes sure that you do not lose any customer due to language barrier.

6. No Security Issue

If you are using Joomla, feel relaxed about the security and privacy of your website. It has features which can limit the accessibility till the authorized user allows to do so. Your visitors cannot simply get access just by typing the URL in the address bar, they will have to get the permission from the respective user if has been checked for some security reasons.

7. Community for Support

There is a big community of developers and designers behind Joomla, so you can get all your issues resolved quickly. It is backed by the principle of sharing and thus members contribute their time, knowledge and skills for others. This all-time support from various community and furums will help you solve all problems pertaining to your website.

8. Stunning Template for attractive Design

Nothing strikes your visitors while visiting your website than a striking design. You can get access to more than 8000 extensions(plugins) allowing you to design the most attractive website for your business. Choose the best template which creates the best impression and expand the functionality of your website with all the latest features and elements integrated in it.

9. Relocation made Easy

With Joomla, relocation of your website to a different developer is very easy and simple. Since coding is written in the most professional and precise way, you will face no problem in shifting your server also. Relocation can be done to other developer without any bugs and to a different server without any anomalies.

10. Interactive Admin Area for better Control

With an intuitive admin area, you can manage your website with ease and comfort. Even if you are a beginner in the field, you can easily handle your website. The backend process has been made super easy for you to get the best admin control. Multiple navigation tools and WYSIWIG editor are integrated to make you feel more powerful as an controller of your website.

11. Responsive Design

Resposive design is the need of the hour, Joomla helps you create a responsive design for your website. Your website can operate and function well on all sized devices. With more and more people using smartphones, Joomla makes sure that you do not lose your potential customers. Your website will function effectively on all hand-held devices be it smartphones or tablets.

12. Updating is Simple
Since a lot of people are working continuosly on the upgradation and improvement of Joomla, it is always in allignment with the latest technology. You will get the most advanced and latest features and attributes integrated in your website at regulat intervals. Joomla can be updated with just one-click and makes you untroubled about the technology you are using.

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