Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Mobile SEO?

May 2016

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With the shoot up in the number of mobile users, the need for mobile SEO is on the rise. Customers these days want everything even when they are on the move. As the number of visitors who visit your website through mobile is rising, investing in mobile SEO seems to be an important thing. Being a website owner, there are many reasons why you should go for mobile SEO.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Mobile SEO?

1. The first organic listing on the search page gets maximum clicks

It has been seen that the first one to appear on the organic listing gets the lion’s share as far as clicks are concerned. Visitors search on their mobile and click on the first listing result that appears on the search page. The top result on the organic listing gets 73% more clicks than the top two paid listings combined together. If you are not available on the search page when your potential customer is looking for you, you are missing a huge opportunity to expand your business. Go for mobile SEO and take measures to bring your business higher on the search result page.

2. Visitors click for more listings on mobile than desktop

An interesting thing that popped up during a study was the difference in the click pattern of mobile users and desktop users. The mobile users usually click for 4 listings on the organic search result page. More than 92% of the clicks on the first page goes to the top four results on mobile as against 84% on desktop. These figures states the necessity to be present within the first 4 listings in the organic results. You will become almost invisible to the visitors if you will be present on the second page of the search result pages.

3. Organic traffic is more effective than paid one

It was found in the study that the mobile SEO is responsible for bringing more relevant and reliable traffic than the desktop. The visitors who click for your business on mobile are more likely to convert than the desktop visitors. The proper planning and implementation of mobile SEO is very important for generating the right set of traffic. The traffic which will be generated will have genuine queries and more likely to become your customers. More customers means more revenues, thus you must invest in mobile SEO.

4. Mobile SEO is much more than search result pages

By optimizing your website on desktop, you can bring your business higher on the SERP whenever someone searches your business on the web. Mobile SEO can do much more than the usual search result such as optimizing apps for app store search engines, apps for search results and also for Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP). It also optimizes the much important structured data, local listings and featured snippets which is more beneficial for you in mobile as compared to desktop. Go for mobile SEO and make yourself available to maximum mobile users.

5. Yes! Mobile SEO does works

There is no doubt that mobile SEO has become nothing less than a necessity for your business. It was found that a business entity was able to increase its smartphone traffic by 84% after integrating Google’s mobile-friendly update and fixing minor mobile-friendly errors. This fact itself says a lot about the kind of difference mobile SEO can produce on the search results. Mobile SEO will bring all the relevant and genuine traffic to your website and put you on top.

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