Top 5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Gaining Traffic

Feb 2016

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Top 5 Reasons Why your Website is not Gaining Traffic
Are you worried about the falling rank of your website on Google? Is it working as visitors repellent? If you want to rectify these problems, this blog can help you out. The whole idea of creating a website is to attract more web traffic which can increase your revenue. Search engines constantly change their ranking algorithms which asks for a change in your website as well. If you want to gain higher ranks by attracting more viewers, you will have to keep your website in tune with the latest technology.

1. Is your Website Useful to your Visitors?

If someone is visiting your website, he is looking for the best information he can get for the keyword typed by him. Never go for a language which sounds like an annoying salesman. Your website should contain every useful information that your visitor is looking for. Try to strike a balance between sales and useful information which will attract people to read and share. If your visitors are coming to your website, make sure they get what they are looking for.

2. How Relevant and Updated is your Content?

We are living in the globalized world where everything is available on a platter. Since your visitors are well-informed, you can engage them only having updated and relevant content on your website. Post relevant and interesting information which will act as a glue for your customers. Fresh and unique content is the only way to gain traffic for your website. Your visitors will stick to your website if you will give them new and interesting things on your site.

3. Are you going for a Mobile-friendly Website?

Since more than 40% of your visitors are visiting your website through mobiles, being mobile-friendly is the need of the hour. Design a responsive website which will run on any device so that your visitors can find you on their smartphones. Even search engines are giving better ranking to responsive websites so you need to have a responsive website to tap every single visitor.

4. How Fast is your Website?

A slow website can prove to be a detrimental factor in attracting more visitors to your website. Your customers will switch to your competitor if your site will take more time in loading. Always check and rectify the reasons for slow uploading of your website. Avoid large-sized images and videos which can increase the time for loading of your website. The minimum time your website will take to load itself, the better it will be for your ranking and visitors.

5. Is your Website available on Social Sites?

Social site activation is a must for any website if it wants to attracts more web traffic. Try to go for maximum social sites for making your website popular among audience. Search engines uses likes, tweets and comments to give your website ranking. The more popular your website will be on social sites, better will be your ranking and more web traffic will be generated. Use facebook, twitter and google+ to connect with maximum number of current and potential customers.

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