Top 5 Things You Should Never Do In SEO

Jun 2016

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The role and importance of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is manifold as far as the success of your website is concerned. Adopting the right tactics and implementing it is crucial in deciding the fate of your business website. Having said that, SEO can also work as boomerang if not worked upon properly. Listed below are some of the most common mistakes that is committed while going for SEO. The results which you have expected will never be achieved if these wrong practices will be followed.

Top 5 Things You Should Never Do In SEO


The most common mistake that we commit while going for SEO is thinking that Google ranks website but in reality it ranks pages. iFrames are pages within other pages on a website. The main purpose of iFrame is to display the content of one page within the ‘frame’ of another page. The problem which occurs due to this is that the search engines does not get enough information to rank either of the two pages. The outside page contains the navigation, the sidebar and the footer while the inside page contains the content. Both are not sufficient to be ranked by the search engines.


Content being the single most important factor in bringing good SEO result should be given due emphasis. There is no room for any kind of duplicate content on the website be it of any kind. It can occur when two different web pages have exactly the same wordings as in case of ecommerce sites. It can also occur when one page does not have enough wordings to differentiate it from the other pages present on the internet. If your web page does not stand out from other pages present on the internet, search engines will find it very difficult to rank your pages.


Another blunder which you can commit while strategizing SEO is using too much of flash content on your website. Though Google is getting better at reading and indexing Flash content, these websites will rarely find themselves at the top position for important keyword phrases. The major issue with the flash websites is the fact that the entire website is usually located on the same URL. Due to this the website lose out the much important internal linking benefits and size. These two elements play an important role in on-site SEO.

Internal Linking

External linking is very crucial for website ranking but internal linking too is of much significance when it comes to increasing your website’s rank. Internal links are important as it helps search engines to find pages on your website by following links from other pages of your website. PageRank which is the value that Google places on a particular web page is also decided on the basis of links which Google finds on the pages of your website by following links from other pages on your website.

Title Tags

One of the most important SEO element, Title tags are the words that appear as the headline in your rankings on Google. Though these tags are not visible on the page, they still play an important role in deciding your SEO rankings by revealing Google everything about the page. You can edit the title tags in the HTML code so that the word ‘untitled’ does not occur in the place of title tags. The default setting should be not visible for a new web page as it is bad for the website’s ranking.

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