Top 5 WordPress Email Plugins

Oct 2019

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In this age, all interactions between customers and organizations are online and hence it is imperative for you to jump on to the bandwagon to get all your ideas and promotional events to the thousands of users out there well in time. But how do you keep your users engaged and your business to proliferate in the backdrop.

Top 5 WordPress Email Plugins

One of the easiest ways is through email marketing. Emails come in handy when there are thousands and thousands of messages that you wish to download to your user groups but considered a herculean task to send one by one. That’s when Email Marketing plug-ins save the day and come to your rescue.

You need not be surprised to know that email marketing plug-ins are integrated into WordPress and makes small work of sending the emails by setting preferences. But that’s not all. Which of the email plug-ins would you select. There are a handful of them that are mentioned here.


MailChimp offers a handy WordPress Plugin to help out with your Emails by setting an interface between your WordPress and MailChimp Account. MailChimp is subscription based service that you get to leverage by subscribing at the earliest. This is done by installing the email plugin. The plug-in is user friendly.

Key Features:

  1. Mobile Optimized and Responsive SignUp forms
  2. Effortless Integration with other plugins
  3. Loyal Support
  4. Interpretation Ready


If you are looking to increase your subscription base by setting up email campaigns that are responsive and easy to integrate with the drag and drop feature, you need access to Mailster. You can get all the help you need from user friendly customer support and avid experience on WordPress. You just need to download and activate to access millions of email campaigns and newsletters.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Drag and Drop Feature
  2. Easy integration with other WordPress Plugins
  3. Responsive Designs
  4. Advanced Analytics that help you keep the record
  5. Unlimited Subscription forms


Optin Monster provides great services with plans ranging from basic to professional and integrated with best of website platforms and plugins for contact forms. It is a lead generation service that will increase your customer base manifold.

Key Features:

  1. Mobile Ready and Retina ready designs
  2. Over 65 pre-made templates to pick from
  3. User-friendly drag and drop feature


Sumo list Builder is an awesome plug-in to increase your email subscribers by converting them from one time subscribers to a full time engagement. The attractive user base has creative looking newsletters and popups that appear on clicks, timers and when a user is leaving your site.

One of the most adjunct marketing tools to your website, Sumo Website builder entices your users with the best email capture tool present in the plugin. It is the only mobile-optimized plug-in. This WordPress Plugin will integrate with any of the other plugin including MailChimp and Aweber.

Key Features:

  1. Mobile Ready and Responsive Design
  2. Easy Drag and Drop Builder


Newsletter is a wonderful and free WordPress email promotional plugin that is on par with some other plugins on the go. Ideal for list building and conveying messages with least headaches, this plugin gives you the best involvement by elevating and adding subscribers to your website!

With cutting edge highlights incorporated inside the plugin, make unending email and campaigns for your clients. It’s a WordPress explicit plugin made to give email marketing solutions for WordPress clients.

Key Features:

  1. Responsive and portable mobile-friendly plans
  2. Endless subscriber base and newsletters
  3. Interpretation Ready
  4. Free and premium additional items for a superior encounter
  5. Simple Installation and Usage
  6. Accommodating and well-assisted user support

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