Top 6 Reasons To Invest In Responsive Web Design

May 2016

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With the figures clearly stating that the number of people who have searched websites on mobile devices have outgrown the ones using desktop, responsive web design has become a necessity. In a nutshell, responsive website is a design which adapts itself to the screen size of the device on which it is viewed. It provides an optimal viewing experience to the visitors who will search your website on their smartphones.

Top 6 Reasons to Invest in Responsive Web Design

Investing in a responsive web design has become more of a need than fashion these days. You will have to either perform or perish in this highly competitive market. Creating a mobile-friendly website will bring you maximum traffic and ultimately more revenues. The several reasons why you should invest in responsive website is given below.

1. For enhancing the user-experience

The user is and will always remain the most important factor while designing the website. The web design should target the audience and give them the best experience every time they visit your site. If you will not give the visitors what they are looking for, they will quickly switch to your competitor. Whether the user is opening your website on desktop or mobile, he should get the same great feeling every time.

2. For the sake of search engines

Being the market leader of search engine industry, Google has made it clear that responsive web design is industry’s best practice. Google and other search engines give a lot of emphasis to user experience while ranking the website. The various attributes that are considered by Google for ranking are bounce rate, social sharing and the average time spent by the user on the website. This makes it even more clearer that building a responsive website is very important.

3. For saving your resources

Responsive design will save much of your time and money as the rectification can be made once and at one go. The developer/designer can make the relevant changes at one place and it will be implemented for all devices. If you are not having a responsive design, you will have to make changes at three places i.e, desktop, mobile and tablet. Responsive website will give you flawless performance across multiple device platforms at less costs.

4. For a better tomorrow

It’s certain that you want to save your bucks and do not want to spend unnecessarily but investing in responsive design is for a better tomorrow. The better visibility you will provide to your visitors on various devices, better it will be for your business growth. Spend more on the design and not on the codes if you really want to save big for the future. In this way you will get three websites for desktop, mobile and tablet respectively for the cost of one.

5. For achieving minimum load time

A rough estimate says that more than 74% of the visitors switch to other website if the former one takes more than 5 sec to load. Having a responsive website gives you liberty to turn on and off certain elements of the page. The unnecessary attributes being active on the page increases the load time. Mobile-friendly website allows you to trim the ‘heavy components’ in the mobile version and increase the web traffic by reducing the load time.

6. For staying ahead of competitors

Whatever may be your speed, you will always find the competition catching up. Just imagine the kind of market you are missing if you are not available on the mobile. Visitors want the best experience whenever they visit your website from any sort of device. If you want to connect with the huge number of potential customers available on the smartphones, create a responsive website. Just remember that responsive design is not an option but a must-have these days.

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