Useful Tips To Consider Before Launching Your Website

Jan 2018

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When you are putting up a brand new website, redesigning an existing one, or moving a site onto a new content management system (CMS) for a client, launching a website can be both an exciting and daunting task.

You have spend hours on getting your website designed and developed. You worked very hard on the content of the website. And now, you may think your website is designed, content is ready and you are all set to launch it. But it is advised to consider the following points before making it live.

Useful tips to consider before Launching your website

  • Title and Meta Data – Optimizing titles and descriptions is very crucial and if done correctly, it pays off well in terms of increased website traffic. Make sure that all the URL’s of the website have a keyword specific title and description that are relevant to the page.
  • Indexation Issues – Make sure that there are no issues that would make your website pages non indexed by crawlers.
  • Check URL’s – URL’s should be clean and associated with the page content. Make sure that all the URL’s are unique and relevant to the website page.
  • Proofread content – A good SEO friendly content will be the most engaging feature of your website. Make sure to proofread your content as many times as you can. You might want to change something or add something.
  • Functionality check – Test everything on your website from forms, comments section, search functions, email list sign ups to social media sharing. These tests will make sure that every feature is working on your website.
  • Site Speed – Check your site speed as it is a very important website ranking factor. Website speed will largely impact your website visitors.
  • 404 Page Setup – A custom 404 page is a must for your website so that you can redirect visitors your home page or any other page of your website. Custom 404 page can prevent losing website re-visitors.
  • Mobile Responsive – With mobile users increasing every minute, more and more people rely on mobiles to get information. Your website must be mobile friendly in order to maintain a competitive advantage over companies that don’t.
  • Site Backups – Make sure to regularly backup your site to prevent data loss. This will also help in security against malware attempts. There are options available for Manual backups and automatic backups.
  • Prepare Analytics – Once your website is launched, you would want to know how it is performing and what aspects is it still lacking in. Analytics will help you identify the lacking functionality and areas and evaluate your website.

If you have the above points covered before launching your website, it will help you a long way. Being prepared will help launching your website smoothly.

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