Web Content Writing Tips That Really Works

Apr 2016

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Writing content for website is a crucial part of your website and has to be handled properly. The users of your website should be gripped by your content so that they spend time on your website. There is a different tendency which the users adopt while reading from website as compared to print media. Your visitors will not go through everything which is present on your website, infact they will scan through your content.

Web Content Writing Tips That Really Works

Around 60% of your visitors will not read anything more than your headline. The remaining 40% will read the first few lines following the headline. In short most of your visitors will just scroll through your content without giving much emphasis on each and every line. In order to draw their attention, you will have to come up with catchy and noticeable words and phrases. You will get not more than a few seconds to attract your visitors through your content. Use unique and different font and color to bring out the maximum impact from your website.

Website being the most influential marketing tool for your business has to be perfect in every aspect. Content being one of the major part of your website should be written professionally. There are certain things that should be kept in mind while writing content for your website. Some of the most important things are summarized below:-

1. Headline is of utmost importance: Since your heading will be the main reason for drawing maximum attention, it has to be written correctly. Headings are displayed in the search engines for your visitors to see. The headings should be like short summary of your content in the most common language. Pick up a headline which will be attractive and exciting for your visitors.

2. Important things should be in the beginning: Make sure that you put the most important things of your website at the top of your page. Most of your visitors will not scroll down your webpage to read more. By giving what they are looking for in the first few lines itself, you induce your visitors to go further down the page.

3. Language should be easy to understand: The language chosen for the content should be of the masses. It should not be written for a particular class of people so as to attract maximum customers. The content should be written as per the taste and preferences around the globe. Avoid using jargons and use simple language to appeal to huge amount of visitors all over the world.

4. Avoid acronyms: Being the content writer, you should not assume that the visitors will be well-versed with the acronyms used on the website. There are many visitors on your website who are not aware about the abbreviations and acronyms. You should expand your acronyms so that your readers can understand them easily.

5. Content should be accurate and updated: Your visitors will come to your website only if you will provide them with latest and trustworthy content. Engaging and interesting content on your website will make your website a big hit among readers. Do not use stale and false data as it could work as a visitor repellent for your website.

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