Web Hosting Options And How They Can Affect Your Online Business

Jan 2018

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Hosting a website plays a great part on how your visitors experience your website and can make or break your online marketing and overall online perception of your company. A wrong hosting decision can destroy your online aspirations and could definitely ruin your online reputation.

Choosing a wrong hosting option could lead to negative effect on your SEO ranking, security and malware attacks and eventually loss of revenue. It is crucial to choose a hosting option to ensure your website remains safe and you are able to access features in accordance to your website.

Web Hosting Options and How they Can Affect Your Online Business

Here is a list of Web Hosting Options that will help you make the best decision for your website:

1. Shared Hosting:- Shared Hosting is like renting an apartment where you share living with other members. You do not have the option to customize or change anything in the space but you share the maintenance costs and responsibility with the members. Shared Hosting is one of the most commonly used hosting option for those who want to go for low cost hosting services or are on a trial run. The main benefit of Shared hosting is that it is extremely affordable and does not require much maintenance. There are also certain drawbacks of Shared Hosting like slow websites, no scalability, limited customer support and limited number of resources. Usually business houses that have a simple informational website or a limited number of email accounts go for Shared Hosting package. It is beneficial for website that have limited number of visitors.

2. Virtual Private Servers(VPS):- Virtual Private Servers act like multiple separate servers but actually share one physical server. It is like a stepping stone between shared hosting and owning a dedicated machine for yourself. VPS is generally the most recommended way of hosting medium for websites that are heavy in resources and need to be very secured. Virtual Private servers have several benefits like faster websites, they provide huge bandwidth and space to do what you like, better customer support and you can expand your database and website. On the other hand, it is important to know how to handle and maintain VPS servers or hire an expert company to do that for you. It is usually more expensive than shared hosting. For a company that has an ecommerce site or a CMS website, VPS is preferred. VPS servers are best is you are planning to expand online business and expecting heavy traffic on the website. Website with a large amount of email addresses also require VPS.

3. Dedicated Servers:- Having a dedicated server means renting a physical server from a hosting company. It gives you the opportunity to have full control. Compare to Shared hosting, with a dedicated server you get more resources and a faster website. Dedicated hosting is the recommended way to host website with heavy traffic and a lot of resource usage. Dedicated servers have fastest websites and applications. You can get more bandwidth, processing power, space and RAM for your website with Dedicated Servers. They have full power over any resources needed and have the ability to install and manage any service. But dedicated servers can be very expensive and you must have the knowledge to maintain servers or hire an expert company to do that for you. It is recommended for custom websites with very heavy traffic and planning to run big campaigns to gather maximum traffic.

4. Managed WordPress Hosting:- WordPress has now become a very popular platform and many hosting companies are now offering Managed WordPress Hosting. It is a service where the web hosting provider will keep WordPress site installation updated and can keep your site secure from threats of hackers. It can be a little more expensive than shared hosting but a recommended option for established websites that use the WordPress platform.

Thus, a company must understand its goals and objectives and thereafter decide on the best Web Hosting option. This decision could help your business achieve its ultimate objectives online.

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