What Are Visitors Reading On Your Website? – Ever Given It A Thought?

Aug 2017

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You spent most of your time writing your site content. You want them to attract your target audience. You craft each phrase with extra care. You published it on your website, eager to see how they can affect people.

What are Visitors Reading on Your Website? - Ever Given It a Thought?

But after some time, nobody even cared to read your content. No tweets, no shares, and no comments. So, what did you do wrong?

When you run a website, it is not enough that you just put up any content out there. You have to check what your site visitors will read, and what kind of impact your words will have on them. Here are some of the things you can do to engage your readers to make them trust your content, stay on your site pages, and interact with your website information.

Use Line Break

Turn even the most complex content into reader-friendly paragraphs with the use of white space. You can feature one idea for every paragraph. You can keep these short, with 3 to 4 sentences max. Then, write several paragraphs with just one sentence.

Add Compelling Subheads

See to it that you write your subheads and headline before anything else. A strong headline which signifies a strong premise is important to entice your readers to check you out. Solid subheads can keep your readers more engaged as these act as mini headlines which will keep them perusing the rest of your content. After writing your subheads, go through them again to see what readers or visitors will understand once they read only that part of the article. Is the story compelling? Will they have a gist of the article?

Stick with Deep Captions

Based on studies, it is revealed that image captions remain to be among the most-read copy on online pages. Pair your strong images with deep captions. These deep captions are around 2 to 3 sentences long, enough to ignite the interest of your readers to dig into the entire article.

Create Bulleted Lists

Bulleted lists create irresistible fascinations for readers. These can be scanned easily to present several points. These will look different from the rest of your content, providing a visual break for the readers.

Add Helpful and Relevant Links

You can use internal links back to your content to keep more people on your website and make them read your best material. The external links will show that you have researched on the subject, and you want to highlight experts. Great content makes use of these two to add value and expand the understanding of your readers. One more benefit of internal links is that these can make it less frustrating when others scrape your content.

Check Your Format

After using numbers, subheads, bulleted lists, as well as other formatting to highlight your content’s key elements, read through it all over again. Look only at your text to see if your reader will get the main gist you want. Were you able to pull out the most relevant and interesting words, the words which can turn scanners into readers?

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