What Makes A Stationery Design Look Really Professional

Jan 2014

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Stationery design is a great tool to express your brand values and create the brand identity. If you have been ignoring the design of your company stationary for any reason, it’s never late to revamp your corporate identity.

Typically, stationery design includes CDs, business cards, envelopes, newsletter & much more depending upon your business and these elements are much more than mere pieces of paper. Though it is not related with your business revenue, it can have a big punch on your company’s reputation.

Every company, in order to look professional, must have these 6 essential elements crafted carefully in their stationery designs…

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1. Business personality

This is undoubtedly one of the most essential feature & reason of why the stationery design should not be ignored. Apart from banners, advertises & other media where designs are implemented, stationery design is also much significant in building your business personality.

All in all, your stationery design should match & complement your business personality. If your company logo is blue & green than most preferable colors for your brand’s stationery design are blue, green & its shades.

Font style, font size, graphical shapes etc should also be placed according to tone of your business identity kit.

2. Creativity

If you want a true punch with your company’s stationery design, try being creative with it. Though it may affect the level of formality your business deals with, it is great way to tell people that you are innovators not followers.

In the era of competition where everyone wants to look professional, this will be much more beneficial to create a unique image of your brand.

3. Clarity

Being creative with stationery design doesn’t mean that you’ve to fill the designs with mess of graphical elements. To look sensible, your stationery designs need to look neat & clear.

The wiser you use your design space, the more sophisticated your business designs will look. Ultimately, the aim of business stationery is to convey your professionalism, not to catch eyeballs with bombastic designs (unless it is a graphical brand).

4. Details

Don’t forget to include your brand details. Include your company logo, address, telephone number etc wherever it looks relevant. Especially, the company logo should not be missed there on any single piece of your stationery. It reflects a sense of professionalism in your designs and the company itself, in turn.

5. Material 

If you are truly serious about your business and its level of professionalism than you must include this one in your checklist. The quality of material/paper you use must be good.

Though it may cost you a bit more, it will bring you more sophisticated prospects who need exceptional services and they are willing to pay more for it.

Smooth paper & feather-like touch of stationery will surely make customers read it twice (or at least look it twice).

 6. Wordings

Wordings matter a lot. Though there are much less scopes of word-play in stationery, fonts should be beautiful, elegant and representing voice of your company.

Everybody likes clear, concise & to-the-point messages. So if your employees are lacking at communication skills, unfortunately, you need to train them or at least hire somebody who is great at doing it. Content is king after all.

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