Why Backlink Is Important For SEO?

Feb 2016

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Backlinks also known as Inbound links are links directed towards your website and are a major building blocks for SEO. The more links you will get for your website, the better rank you will get from search engines. The number of backlinks is an indicator of of popularity and importance with search engines. Your website will be given more credit by search engines if you will get a large number of backlinks for your site. A website with more backlinks will be given more relevance in a search query by the search engines.

Why Backlink is important for SEO?

Just having a large number of backlinks for your website is not good enough, they have to be quality links. Search engines will decide on the quality of backlinks based on the content which is there on that site. The content of the site from which you are getting an inbound link should be relevant and in accordance with your website. Relevancy of content will be the deciding factor in gauging the quality of your backlinks by the search engines. Make sure that you are getting links from only relevant sites as irrelevant links will not help you to gain a higher rank in SERP.

It is always easier to get a higher rank with the help of backlinks as compared to external links. Search Engines give a lot of emphasis on backlinks and it matters a lot in search engines algorithm. In the recent times search engines have become tough on backlinks as it is finding that people are going for deceptive tactics like hidden links. Websites are also going for “link farms” which means pages which are automatically generated with the sole purpose of generating inbound links. This technique can lead to penalty or even banning of your websites if you will backlink with them.

You can drive more web traffic to your website by quality backlinks. You can also go for Reciprocal Link Exchanges as mentioned by various webmasters to boost your ranking. This is the practice of putting a link by your webmaster on website pointing to another webmaster website. Since most of these links were not relevant, they were disregarded by search engines. You will have to make sure that the links you are going for are relevant to your website and will help in boosting your search engines ranking. Simply going for maximum number of links will not help you instead it might lead to penalty if they are not from trustworthy sites.

If you are going for two websites for your business just to increase your backlinks, be careful about not interlinking multiple websites on the same IP. There is no harm in having many related websites for your business but they should not be registered on the same IP. If you are trying to manipulate backlinks by going for many links generated from the same IP, it may call for penalty for your website. This technique is known as Backlink Bombing. There are few instances where you can use various links from the same IP address as in the case of providing extra resources to your visitors.

You can always go for certain tools which can help you with getting and managing good quality backlinks. You should keep a track about your backlinks to know who all are linking to your websites. By using Domain Stats Tool, backlinks and their various attributes can be easily tracked. It will show your backlinks if the domain is present on Google, Yahoo or MSN. This tool will also enable you to know about various other elements about your website like how many pages have been indexed, listings in the Open directory and Alexa traffic rank.

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