Why Design Thinking Will Make You Question Everything?

Jul 2017

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What if you consider your whole life as a specific product?

Why Design Thinking Will Make You Question Everything

Products are being designed to solve or address a particular issue, so a designer works in the constraints of this issue to come up with a product that can become a solution. If you will apply the very same innovation methodology principles to fix an issue in your life, you might discover a lot of new perspectives and pretty interesting answers.

This approach is popularly known as design thinking. It promotes the principle that there is no single idea for your life because you could live as many lives productively and happily as you want.

Many proponents of this idea are at a consensus in claiming that design thinking is something that will make you question everything. Yes, thinking like a designer can actually bring a lot of major effects to your life in ways you might have never thought possible.

Discover Your Many Unknown Interests and Talents

Every person in this world has the capacity and the talent to enjoy a lot of different types of life paths, which means that choosing one over the other is not a matter of making a wrong or right decision. In fact, there are lots of right answers.

For instance, you can always write down three plans you have for your life in a span of 5 years. Just remember that this is not about deciding on which one will suit you best right now. It is all about exploring the alternatives then sketching each one of them out in as many details as possible. It is all about finding the activities that will energize you, and the ones that will leave you drained. To top it all, it is about prototyping, or making some small experiments, and not giving your full commitment to just one thing in your life so that you can discover your interests and dislikes. The things you learn about yourself might actually surprise you.

Achieve Goals

You can say that design thinking eliminates the need to make New Year’s resolutions, which most people don’t even get to keep. Writing down things that you cannot even follow through will only leave you a feeling of failure. But, the right approach using design thinking to approach your goals makes use of wayfinding, the process which lets you build your way forward little by little through doing the next logical thing to do to complete your goal.

Understand Your Real Reasons for the Desire to Change

You might have given up your day job to pursue your photography but it doesn’t mean that you should do it right away. This is why design thinking emphasizes on reframing in order to have a good understanding of the real reasons why you feel the need to make this kind of change in your life. Most of the time, there are numerous factors which can contribute to the current dissatisfaction you have, and for all you know, it is not your job alone.

The use of design thinking approach into your life requires the exploration of choices, choices that you probably never thought of before and you just stick to one solution to see how it will go. It might not be the best solution all the time, but with each try, you become closer to finding one which will give you the sense of fulfillment.

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