Why Every Ecommerce Website Should Go With Video?

Mar 2016

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If you want to achieve maximum revenues for your business in this competitive world, winning customers from competitors should be your aim. Online business has grown rapidly and is going to expand more in the coming years. Ecommerce business has started using video for its promotional activities. Using video as a tactic to build business has recently grown rapidly.

Why Every Ecommerce Website Should Go With Video?

The various reasons why video should be chosen by Ecommerce website is listed below. Online stores should implement video in their promotional activities to gain maximum traffic.

1. It Attracts New & Relevant Search Traffic

Every business aims at gaining maximum traffic for their website. SEO is and will always be an important factor for achieving maximum visitors. Search engines are giving a lot of emphasis on videos these days for ranking your website. Ecommerce business websites are using videos to get SEO rewards. Online store business are using scaling videos to reach long-tail keywords to make it accessible to maximum visitors.

2. It Can be Easily Syndicated

The video which Ecommerce business uses can be used for various sites reachable both on desktop and mobile. Various websites which run videos can be used at the same time for promoting your video. Since you can add your video on various platforms at the same cost, this tactic is one of the most cost-effective method of promotion. Through video you can effectively maintain your brand consistency while strengthening consumer awareness.

3. It Encourage Sharing

You stand a relatively better chance of sharing with videos as compared to text-based pages. Add videos on your Ecommerce websites and connect to thousands of people active on social networking sites. A video thumbnail on facebook attracts more attention and results in having more comments, likes, etc. Whenever you like or share a video link on a social media site, your friends also see it due to the thumbnail that appears.

4. It Engages Site Visitors

The key to gain maximum visitors is to create an engaging video which can captivate your customers. Your video can serve as a one-stop-destination for your visitor as he does not have to scroll anywhere for further information. Video is less time-consuming and hassle-free as compared to text pages. You can direct your visitors to shopping cart through automated videos. Embedded call-to-action helps the customers to visit the desired pages.

5. It Drives Conversions

Since video shows the clear picture of the products, customers are in a better position to take the decisions. The video removes all the hesitancy and helps in building trust and credibility for your online store. Your customers can get a full demonstration about the product which will trigger their buying decisions. Video can help your business gain more market share in a highly competitive market. Create convincing video to win more customers and business for your online store.

6. It Increases Customer Loyalty

You need to stand out from your competition so that you gain maximum attention from your visitors. Video newsletter are much better placed to gain customer loyalty than the usual text newsletter. You can personalize your video communication according to the need and requirement of the customer. Every individual is different and should be treated differently to gain their loyalty towards your business.

7. It Creates Online Personalization

With new technology and advancements, personalized videos can be created easily. You can tailor your products and services videos according to the target audience. By increasing the customer experience better conversion ratio can be achieved. If you will be able to gain customer loyalty, achieving more market share will be easier for you. Adding a personal touch will always add more chance of business growth.

8. It has High ROI Over Cost Incurred

The kind of impact videos produce on the sales figure is phenomenal as compared to the cost incurred on its creation. The return on investment is usually very high as the same video can be uploaded on several video sites and social networking sites as well. You can create personalized video with less expenditure which will give you high return on investment. Your Ecommerce business will get maximum customers if you will use video to its fullest.

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