Why Is Bootstrap Ideal For Your Website

Mar 2014

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There has been lots of discussions and debates over Twitter’s open source project on Github, that is, Bootstrap, and enough of articles have also been written upon the subject but there is no article providing clear guidance to clients why they should prefer Bootstrap for their websites. So if you want to learn what is Twitter’s Bootstrap & why you should choose bootstrap web development services for your business website, one of the easiest way is to read this post. In this post, we have tried to answer 3Ws about Bootstrap every client needs to know before moving on any platform other than Bootstrap for their business website. So hope you enjoy it.


What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is an open source toolkit, or say framework, for web designers by Twitter, officially hosted on Github. Bootstrap offers highly simple and flexible toolkit containing some beautiful HTML, CSS & JS for popular UI components and interaction like buttons, navigation, forms, typography etc.

In simple terms, it is a front-end framework that helps web designers build beautiful and functional web designs in a time-efficient way using ready library of CSS, JS and HTML.


Who developed Bootstrap?

Bootstap was developed by Mark Otto & Jacob Thornton at Twitter as a framework to encourage consistency across internal tools. The core aim of developers behind creating Bootstrap was to remove inconsistencies in development across internal tools which led to high maintenance burden often.

Bootstrap consists of comprehensive JS and CSS plugins which web developers and designers can use in developing highly functional websites that looks beautiful and makes use of multiple web functionalities like dropdown menus, scrolling images, pop-overs, transitions, tool tips, carousel etc.


Why should you use Bootstrap for your business website?

As you can see with Twitter and thousands of other websites, Bootstrap enables web developers to deal with complex website structures in very easy and efficient way. With Bootstrap, you get beautiful looking error-free web development services which offer you following five key benefits:

Fast Web Development:

Bootstrap allows developers to use ready made library of CSS styles and Javascript plugins which developers can also modify according to their needs. All that developer has to do is to find right piece of code & customize it for your application. So if your website is a bit complex and you need it developed in relatively shorter time, Bootstrap is for you. Also if your website already online/live, you can get it modified to a better one using Bootstrap in relatively very shorter time.


Easy customization:

Offering in-built grid structure, JavaScripts & LESS for CSS, Bootstrap allows developers to customize your website very  easily according to your business needs without compromising the performance at all.


Cross-browser compatibility:

Being based on HTML, CSS & Javascript, Bootstrap is quite compatible for multiple diffrent platforms. The same code made with Bootstrap can work over almost every platform. If your website is already live, you can easily get it responsive and flawless using Bootstrap. All you need is to change classes of elements and attach the related CSS and Javascript with it.


Mobile responsive designs:

Web designs made with Bootstrap are mobile responsive. So web applications and websites made using Bootstrap works seamlessly good over different device. You can flawlessly use the same app or website from different devices like IPod, Computer, Mobile etc without facing any hassles.


Future compatibility:

Basic elements used in Bootstrap are those which are considered to be used at large scale in web development. CSS3 and HTML5 which are two big things for future, will also be useful in Bootstrap which means your website will also not get outdated in future. However, you might need few little modifications to accommodate the requirement of your developing business.

Combining this all into a single package, Bootstrap ensures that your business website is future-proof, cost effective, robust, speedy, mobile responsive and cross-browser compatible without compromising its features and functionalities.

So if you want to build your new, bold business website or upgrade the older one, the thing you shouldn’t miss is Bootstrap. By using Bootstrap based web development service, you can make sure that your business website looks highly professional, functional and well-designed.

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