Why Is Content Important For SEO?

Jan 2016

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After going through a lot of writings and discussions about the various aspects which are important for SEO, finally I got my answer. The content is the most important factor for your SEO. As search engines can’t see pictures, you will have to give detailed information of your website through text. Most often people are more concerned about the look and design of their website without giving much emphasis on their content. They do not take enough time for the most important part of their website which is content. Your content is on any given day the saviour for your website and plays an instrumental role in the success of your business.

Why is Content important for SEO?

You should surely take keen interest in the design and look of your website but you should equally be concerned about the content you are putting on your website. Though a dull website design is never liked by your visitors, it is actually your content which will engage them. Search engine optimization tactics has to go take care of your content before going for any other thing. Your content should be available to the search engines in order to give you higher ranking in SERP. Always go for the original and unique content so that your website wins appreciation and trust from your web visitors in the long run.

If you have successfully engaged your visitors through your content then you have won half of your battle. Engaging content will generate more web traffic so you just have to convince your customers to trigger their buying decision. Content writers should aim at delivering original and interesting content everytime. Add content at regular interval which will encourage visitors to visit your website again and again. Target your keywords through articles and blogs but do not over stuff them as it might result in penalizing your website for keyword stuffing. Some of the tips that you should follow in order to use your content in the possible manner are listed below.

1. Use headline as much as possible as they are given a high rating by the search engines while ranking your site. Incorporate your keywords in headlines so that your website can be crawled easily by the search engine.

2. Never forget to use a title and description tag for each of your web page present on your website. Target all your main and secondary keywords in these tags. Try to be brief but make sure that all your keywords are properly used within these tags.

3. If possible do not use flash in your content as search engines cannot use it. There is no point in integrating something which is of no value and instead it will waste your time which can be utilized for some other productive work.

4. All your images should be properly tagged using the alt tags as your images will not be read by search engines without it. Use proper keywords in the alt tags so that all your images are properly shown by the search engines.

5. Avoid frames and complex tables while writing your content for website. These elements obstruct search robots from reading your pages and placing them on the search engines. Go for a clean, simple and unique content to rank higher in SERP.

6. Do not go for unnecessary complexity when it comes to navigation through your website. Keep short and simple navigation bar. Avoid using multiple pages which have no purpose on your site.

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