Why Mobile SEO Is A Must For Your Business?

Apr 2016

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Since these days most of the visitors are visiting the websites through their mobiles, it has become necessary for the businesses to have a mobile-friendly website. Besides helping your customers to reach you when they are on the go, it also helps you in search engine optimization. Mobile SEO is very important for gaining high traffic and better ranking in the SERP.

Why Mobile SEO is a Must for Your Business?

Recently the search engine giant, Google has launched a feature which will inform your visitors about the mobile-friendliness of the website. After the unveiling of Search Engine Land, your visitors will not even open your website, if they will find it to be mobile unfit. This feature will encourage more mobile-users to click on the sites labeled ‘mobile-friendly’, giving these websites further boost on the result pages.

How can you gain the mobile-friendly label?

The first and foremost requirement for any website today is the responsive design. Responsive design will change the layout of the website according to the device on which it is opened. There are certain things that should be kept in mind in order to comply with the norms of Google. The several things that should be considered are:-

  • You should avoid the uncommon software on mobile devices like Flash.
  • Use font for your text which are easy to read without zooming in.
  • Make sure that the content fits the size of the screen without resizing it.
  • You must use your links properly and tap them appropriately.

You can go for Google mobile-friendly test if you are still unaware about your website’s responsiveness. Google penalizes the websites which are not mobile-friendly by giving them less visibility. Your website will not be getting enough traffic when browsers are using mobile devices. Your website’s loading time can also hurt your ranking. Websites having a higher loading time will lead to higher bounce rates, which again will decrease your website’s ranking.

Why is it important to attain a better ranking?

With the rise in mobile users, people have detached themselves from desktop. Mobility has made the users exhibit different behaviour as against desktop users. The mobile-users want things on a much urgent basis. They expect that whatever they are looking for should be shown to them at a much faster rate. It is interesting to know that around half of the customers who visited your website through mobile visited your store within a day as against 34% of the desktop users. Mobile SEO is of utmost importance because your customers will find you through local searches, customer’s reviews and directions.

By optimizing your responsive website, you will reach out to each of your potential customer. Your website should be ready with the proper implementation of all the SEO parameters. If you will not follow the mobile SEO parameters, you will lose both your local and global potential customers. Social media optimization is very essential in this digital world. Proper optimization of social media platforms will give you maximum visibility vis-a-vis maximum revenues. Make sure to optimize all the key aspects of SEO so that you will get both better ranking and higher traffic for your website.

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