Why Should You Choose PrestaShop For Your E-commerce Website?

Jan 2016

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Are you looking for the best Ecommerce website development platform, Prestashop could be the one which you might be looking for. With the latest features and easier user interface, it has all the necessary inputs which makes it a front runner for creating an e-commerce website for your business. Here are few reasons why you should opt for Prestashop while going for an online store.

Why should you choose PrestaShop for your E-commerce Website?

Admin Panel made Easy

Operating and mastering the tricks of using the Admin panel will be a cake walk now, all thanks to its user-friendly design with shorter learning curve. These small but major things are really helpful in making your online store user’s pet. Sitting on the driver seat, you as the admin can operate and manage your website according to the needs and requirements of the business.

Special Attention

Prestashop provides you with various extension modules for selected sales to your special customers. Getting special recognition from you will give your customers every reason to come back to you again. You can attract new users for registration while promoting your products on your online store. Give unmatched and unbeatable offers to the customers to make them loyal to your website.

Support Community

The support which your website will get from various Prestashop user community will be outstanding. There are various forums and platforms where you will get unlimited support and cooperation from designers and developers. With such an interactive and lively community group, you will never feel left out. Go for Prestashop to get all the support and help whenever you need.


Money can be a big factor while choosing your e-commerce website development platform, Prestashop is always there to help you out. It is a free, open-source e-commerce CMS providing a perfect platform for your online store. You can always save a lot on the development of your e-commerce website and use the amount for proper promotion. Save big on money and efforts by going for Prestashop online store.


You cannot afford to create just another online store and get lost in the bustling crowd of e-commerce websites. Your online store should be SEO-optimized to rank higher in the search engines. Go for SEO-friendly UI/UX and choose Prestashop for proper visibility on internet. You can change attributes like title and URL easily to make your website SEO-friendly.

Customization Possible

Customization gives flexibility to you to make relevant changes according to your needs and requirements. Choose the most budget-friendly Prestashop solutions for your online store which best suits all your needs. Building an online store on Prestashop will give you all the inputs to customize your store according to your wish and desire and that too at a much lesser price and less efforts.


The E-commerce websites built on Prestashop are not very demanding as far as server compatibility is concerned. You can run your online store even on servers with basic tools attached without going for expensive servers. Apart from it being able to run on most basic servers it also helps in making the site perform faster with its in-built page indexing feature.

Multi-language facility

You can operate in several countries and can cater to customers globally through Prestashop multilingual facility. This feature enables your online store to reach out to maximum customers and help in the growth and development of your online store business. Go for it to break the geographic barrier and make your e-commerce website a global hit.

A lot of Options

The kind of options you will get as far as themes and modules are concerned with Prestashop is too good to be true. With these modules and themes you can increase your online store’s functionality with ease and comfort. Prestashop is accountable for the quality and security of these modules and themes so that you can integrate them within your online store.

Constant Improvement

Prestashop keeps improving and upgrading itself for the betterment of its users. You can get the best from your e-commerce website since PrestaShop keeps on updating itself in-line with the latest and most advanced features in the online business. Stay updated and upgraded by using Prestashop as your online store development platform. Be in-line with the recent advancements in the online business industry.

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