Why To Choose Right Font For Better Brand Recognition?

Apr 2016

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We are living in a world of media galore where we are surrounded with advertisement of all kinds. Be it billboards, shop fonts, magazines or online ads, we cannot ignore the presence of ads all around us. Since there is already so much of advertisement all around, it is very difficult for a new company to make its mark. If you want to have a winning edge over your competitors, you will have to come up with something new. Your design should be such that it not only attracts your viewers but leave a lasting impression on them as well.

Why To Choose Right Font For Better Brand Recognition?

If you want to make your brand more popular and recognizable, the designing part should be taken seriously. There are various aspects of designing your brand which helps in creating a strong impact in the mind of your viewers. Some of the elements that should be considered while designing your brand are mentioned below.

1. Strong Personality

Your brand design should be such that it creates a lasting impression in the mind of the viewers. Your viewers should relate to your brand design and believe in it. The target customers play an important role in the designing of your brand. If you are targeting a certain group, you should design your brand according to the likes and dislikes of that group. The more reliable and trustworthy your brand design will be, better impression it will create on your visitors.

2. Exclusive Style

Beside the designing part, fonts also play a significant role in the designing of your brand. The size and weight of the font should be selected properly to create the needed impact. The kind of fonts used for headlines, titles and logos creates bigger impact on the viewers. Text fonts should be used for body text of articles and documents while display fonts should be used for headers and logos. Make sure that these fonts function well on all screen sizes without any issue.

3. Proper Planning & Execution

While designing the brand, you should take into consideration the future of your business. Design your brand keeping in mind the growth and expansion of your brand in the long run. It’s ok to start with the online ad but gradually you might switch to offline advertising as well. Try to incorporate the design which goes well with both web and print font. Planning and executing these small things will help your brand gain a strong foothold in the future as well.

4. Attractive Color Palette

The role of color in your brand designing cannot be neglected. Color and design goes hand-in-hand to make your brand popular among customers. The color palette should be selected in such a fashion that it displays the soul of your business. The color combination selected for your brand design should be such that it conveys your brand personality. The colors will instill a memory in your audience making your brand recognizable.

Whether your business is a startup or an established enterprise, making your brand successful should be your aim. Good font choice will lead towards your brand recognition. Follow the tips mentioned above to create a strong brand design. By selecting the right fonts for your brand, you can save both effort and money in the long run.

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