Why WooCommerce Is Best For Ecommerce Website?

Jan 2016

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WordPress has changed the way websites are created and launched these days. Being one of the major CMS available, it has emerged as favorite for e-commerce websites. WooCommerce, is a free plug-in from WordPress but it has got everything which makes it worth a million dollar. Launched in 2011, it has come out as a major player in the e-commerce website creation. You can imagine the popularity of WooCommerce by the fact that it has crossed over 1.6 million downloads globally. This open-source platform is popular due to its unique ability to provide feature-rich website with user-friendly experience without costing you much.

Why WooCommerce is best For Ecommerce Website?

You might be curious to understand the impact, WooCommerce can bring to your online store. Here are a few reasons why you should go for it while creating your own online store.

Free For You

Though there are many high quality CMS for e-commerce sites, the only reason which attracts everyone towards WooCommerce is its ability to deliver the best at no cost. Other CMS comes at an expense while WooCommerce gives you all the valuable features without any cost attached. You can download it freely and can have access to extensive features which are both latest and flexible.

Flexibility Integrated

The one thing which sets WooCommerce apart from other CMS is its ability to deliver the most flexible features for your website. You can categorize your products based on prices, attributes, etc. You will be benefited with the option of selling physical, virtual and external products which you are willing to sell through your online store.

Convert your website into Ecommerce

You can create an all new online store with WooCommerce within your already existing professional wordpress website. You do not have to go beyond the comforts of your already present wordpress website, just download WooCommerce and create your online store integrated with a dedicated blog section. Get the best features at no cost and no extra effort.

User Friendliness

Being one of the most popular CMS, wordpress has left other counterparts way behind. If you have trusted wordpress as your website, WooCommerce can help you out with your online store. Your users being familiar with the usage of wordpress, will not have any issue regarding the WooCommerce interface. You can save on your time and yet create an attractive online store.

Customization Options Available

WooCommerce being free has not rendered it to be a rigid platform. It has a lot of scope allowing you to customize your e-commerce website according to your needs and requirements. You can choose from around 39 different themes, most of them being free. After selecting a theme, you can go for your kind of CSS styles and color themes by tweaking the code and experimenting with the themes.

Simply Professional

Don’t let yourself being fooled by the fact that everything which is free is worthless. Even though being free, WooCommerce has all the ingredients of turning your e-commerce website into a professional one. Various order tracking and engagement tools integrated has made this a clear winner for creating an online store. Tax settings, inventory management, shipping options and coupon codes present in WooCommerce are a few features which will make your online store simple yet professional.

Analytic Tools Availability Made Easy

With WooCommerce online store, you can have all the analytic tools which you will need as a merchant. Figures like total sales, sales by date, average order totals and individual customer statistics are helpful in tracking the growth and development of your business. Everything can be managed and controlled from the admin panel easily.

Apps Enriched

With hundreds of WooCommerce extensions available, you will get everything which you always wanted to have in your online store. If you are looking for extra functionality other than the in-built one, you can get it freely or with a small fee as per your requirements. Applications pertaining to payment gateways, marketing, reporting, accounting and much more is readily available.

Modification made Possible

As said earlier, WooCommerce is very flexible and is open to any alteration and modification depending on the size and volume of business you are generating. You can manage your store, products and customers if your business grows in future. Various APIs are there to help you with building extensions. Go for WooCommerce to get a flexible and comprehensive online store.

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