Why WordPress Is Still The Best CMS?

Aug 2016

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WordPress, an opensource CMS (Content Management System) was launched in 2011 and has taken the world by storm since then. Being the most popular CMS, it is loved and accepted by web designers, web developers and users around the globe. The ease-of-use which wordpress provides has lead to its popularity. Its acceptance and popularity can be judged from the fact that around 15% of the top million websites in the world are powered by wordpress. The number of users opting for wordpress is growing exponentially with each passing year since its launch.

Why WordPress is Still the Best CMS?

Though WordPress has faced competition from other CMS like Drupal and Joomla but it has come up as a winner every single time. Listed below are the reasons why WordPress is still the best CMS for building your website. These reasons make it clear why choosing wordpress over other CMS will be a wise decision for your business website.

1. Constant Improvement

WordPress comes up with more advanced features at regular interval to suit the needs of the users. It includes content of various types and can be used for ecommerce sites also. WordPress offers over 38000 plugins for its users to ensure that they have endless opportunities.

2. For Non-Technical Users

Not everyone present out there is a technical genius, WordPress has made it easier for these beginners. You can run your website powered by wordpress even if you are not comfortable using HTML. Other CMS require greater technical knowledge as against WordPress.

3. Saves Your Money

Cost is always a constraint while creating your website. Since the basic software and most of the plugins are free, WordPress appears easy on the pocket of website owner. Though custom themes costs you but still it costs lesser than professional web development which costs you a bomb.

4. SEO Benefits

Nothing sounds better than your posts being automatically optimized by WordPress plugins. There are plugins which by default gives you the SEO benefit, thus increasing your web traffic. SEO is an important element which is responsible for the success of site, being covered by WordPress.

5. Installation is Easy

The downloading and installing process of WordPress is super easy making it popular among beginners. It is possible to complete the entire process of downloading and installing WordPress without handling any of the files. Detailed directions of managing WordPress is available on web.

6. Active & Instant Support

Unlike the other conventional system of support, WordPress has a quick and active support community. This community of forums sends quick responses to all your WordPress questions and emails. Even the follow up is good, if your question does not get answered in the first instance.

7. Global Acceptance

WordPress is a globally acclaimed and accepted CMS bridging the geographical barriers. People around the globe use WordPress which has eliminated the problem of multi-national with its plugins for conversion of languages and currencies.

Though there are options available in CMS for building your website, WordPress is still the most widely used CMS in the world. The kind of user experience it provides with infinite variety has made it the best option in today’s scenario. WordPress is here to rule and is not going to be dethroned from being the best CMS anytime soon.

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