Why Your New Website Isn’t Getting You Any New Clients?

Jul 2017

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You have a new website and you’re happy with its improvements. However, it is not generating any new clients that you expect. Now, you might be wondering what’s going on and the ways on how you can change that. Well, having a good looking website is not enough for you to generate new clients.

Why Your New Website Isn't Getting You Any New Clients

Below are some of the reasons why your website might not be bring new clients and what you do about that:

  • Potential Customers Cannot Find Your Website

    If your new website does not have SEO incorporated into its tags and text, people who are looking for your services and products probably cannot find them over the internet. A good way for you to check your presence online is doing some online searches on your own. Then, determine where you come up in the search engine results. Make sure that you consider Google to rank up your website.

  • Your Website Does Not Display Your Contact Number Prominently

    Particular with smartphones, it is essential to have your contact number at the top of your website. Otherwise, the online searchers might be able to find the contact details easily and look for another website due to frustration.

  • Your Website is Unattractive and Not Professional Looking

    Your texts, website layout, and photographs should work together for you to impress your new clients and to make your website look professional. Website requires a design refresh about every 3 years to stay updated and fresh.

  • Your Website Does Not Tell Your Visitors What Makes You Unique from Others

    It is crucial that all of the pages of your website showcase your expertise, yet homepage is the most vital one. If the visitors come to your website and never get what you really offer and how you solve their problems effectively than anybody else, they will not bother contacting you. If you are not stating your case on your new website clearly and quickly, you might want to look for a professional writer.

  • Your Site’s Content is Outdated

    If your site’s content no longer reflects what you’re doing or if the last time you have written and posted blogs was over six months ago, what you’re saying to your visitors is that you do not pay attention to your business or website. But rather, see to it that your website is updated with your current business offerings. If you have not posted blogs lately, you might like to hide this for now and you have time to keep that updated.

  • It is Difficult for Somebody to Find What They Require On Your Site

    If your site is difficult to navigate and an internet user cannot see easily what you provide and how you will solve their issue, they are likely to give up. Having a professional to get the site’s top line navigation clear and have a separate page for each of the primary services.

  • Your Call to Action is Not Clear

    Your website’s call to action is important. If it’s not clear, you might not get the clients you want for your online business.

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