Why Your Small Business Needs Responsive Web Design?

May 2016

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In today’s world portable devices have become an inseparable part of our life. With the advancement in the technology, people are no longer dependent on desktop for their online needs, they have everything in their hand. The smartphones and tablets have changed the way websites are searched over the internet. Since today’s generation want everything quickly, being the website owner you will have to be on your toe. Though the screen resolutions and the aspect ratios may vary, these devices have changed the way websites are looked at.

Why your Small Business needs Responsive Web Design?

Responsive design has become the need of the hour. Being responsive is the only way out in this competitive world, specially if you are running a small business. Listed below are some of the reasons why your small business needs a responsive design.

1. Quick information

People these days want information quickly while they are on the move. Responsive design has made them reach you whenever and wherever they want. There are many people who access you with their mobiles only. In the absence of a responsive website, you will lose a huge market which could have been tapped. The target audience may not have an internet connection at home but they will surely have internet accessibility on their mobiles.

2. Accessible Information

The responsive design of your website will ensure that the content is clearly visible to the visitors. The pages are displayed on the screen after the layout is calculated according to the size, resolution and aspect ratio of the screen. Responsive design has made the display much faster and better. The limitation of the screen is not an impediment any more and the content is displayed properly irrespective of the size of the screen.

3. Search Engine’s Pet

The search engines these days give priority to responsive websites while ranking them. The websites which are responsive in nature will gain a higher rank on the search engine pages. The small businesses can gain from this factor as they have to compete with major players in the market. Your business will be left behind if you will stick to obsolete design for desktop. Being a business owner, you should consider the power of responsive design.

4. Mobile Multimedia is In

Gone are the days when mobiles were used only for communication purpose. The former mobiles were slow with weak coverage and bandwidth. Today’s mobiles are much more faster and with the easy accessibility and affordability of internet, mobile multimedia is gaining more momentum. High definition images and video can be put on the mobile for the use of the visitors. Responsive design will help your website in attaining better position in SERP.

5. Not Adaptive but Responsive

The adaptive design cannot be an ideal choice for your website as it just defines the class it belongs to. It provides the best default designs which is most suitable for your device. The results gained is not ideal in many instances. Responsive design caters to the need of the online visitors in the best possible way. It displays the content perfectly on any device be it, smartphone, tablet or laptop. It will adapt according to the screen size of the device on which it is opened.

6. Mobile- A Replacement for Cash and Cards

The responsive design supports the online payment for the products and services with the help of the mobile. If the visitors can shop from your website and make payment even when they are on the go, the growth is bound to happen. The visitors will be encouraged to spend even when they are moving. Your small business will never be the same again as it will fetch more revenues with more visitors making payment through mobiles.

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