Will WordPress Retain Its Position In 2019 As The Most Preferred CMS?

Mar 2019

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It is a known fact that since the birth of WordPress in 2003, a new revolution began in the world of Content Management System (CMS). This was borne out of the desire of having an elegant and well-architectured personal publishing system that is built on Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and My Structured Query Language (MySQL).

Will WordPress retain its position in 2019 as the most preferred CMS

WordPress is a free CMS with various features and ample customization possibilities which can be used to develop or design any kind of website-a small business or a large enterprise website. And despite the various programming languages commonly used for building websites nowadays, WordPress cannot be ignored when it comes to managing the creation and the modification of digital contents. And with some findings and my personal experience with CMS generally, websites made with WordPress are preferred by most online visitors due to some of its unique characteristics when it comes to dealing with texts, comments from other readers and initiating new discussions.

I have no doubt that WordPress will still retain its position in 2019 as the most preferred CMS due to the following reasons:

  • WordPress is Easy to Set-Up and Use:

    These are some of the basic qualities it has which cannot be compared with what is obtainable in other CMS platforms where you need programming and coding skills like JavaScript, PHP, and the likes. Within the shortest possible time compared with others, you can learn how to set-up a website with WordPress and you maneuver through the platform with ease because it is very easy to use.

  • It is Very Flexible and Cost Effective:

    Building a website with WordPress allows you to choose from various options of themes and plugins, which could be changed anytime you like. And all these themes and plugins are available at an affordable price compared to those needed on other platforms. Also, it is flexible because it can be used on all kinds of websites, even on an eCommerce website.

  • It is a Universal Platform:

    Millions of websites across the internet are powered by WordPress and its dashboard is designed in such a way that it can be effectively used by anyone. This has made a lot of users to embrace it in designing their websites.

  • WordPress is Inexpensive to Run and Maintain:

    Unlike other platforms where you need different kinds of stuff, all you need to run a WordPress website is a domain name and a reliable web hosting plan. And you also do not need a huge amount to maintain it since the developers provide regular updates which you can always get to improve the functionality of your website.

  • It has Built-In Blog:

    Ability to blog your website is one of the benefits of having a website because that is where you can have interactions with your readers or customers. Unlike other platforms where you have to start thinking of how to build the blog within your website, WordPress comes with a default blog and all you have to do is few settings.

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