Your Website Content Is Great: What About The Website’s Design?

Sep 2017

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Almost every person or business working in the market today has a website. Unfortunately, most of these websites are made from a particular WordPress template and poorly designed. If you think it will help you earn more, better think twice as it won’t help you stand out among the rest.

Having a good web design is necessary in a highly visual market today. The way your website looks tells the users whether they like to interact or do business with you in milliseconds. One glance may turn a visitor into a customer or force that individual to click away.

First Impressions Always Matter

The placement of elements and design on your website will take weeks, hours or months, yet whether it works or not will be decided instantly. First impressions from new users will determine if and how they continue to interact with your website, business or brand. A website with visually pleasing design will help that first impression last longer and retain all your users.

Some of the visuals that grab most attention the quickest include strong illustration or image, sharp contrast, a wording or phrase that’s memorable, and much more. You may use eye tracking studies and information for you to plan a wireframe that users are drawn to. Below are the elements that people look at first often:

  • Contact information or website footer

  • A written message or text in big lettering

  • Main navigation

  • Logo or branding

  • Main graphic or image

Good Website Design Means Greater Control

When compared to lots of social media pages, your website is the place you may control the experience and message. You may use design to lead through the website, which suggest the next page to visit or call to action to choose.

For instance, you are visiting a Facebook page and you see ads, updates, notifications, and more. You’re constantly being pulled in every direction through elements that demand your attention. On your site, you control such elements and may use them to lead users along the path you’d like them to follow. The design plays a big role in this.

All of those things working together with your website content will make for a targeted and more controlled user experience that will lead to high conversion rates. However, these require testing and planning. You would want to work with professionals who know about website design. You’d also want to determine your goals and order of importance. You must be testing with a sort of statistics tools.

User Experience And Usability

If you already made that first impression, you should now pay importance to user experience. Others would argue that all they wish is your website content and once they’re referred through a search, they must be staring right at it. Therefore, consistency in styles and layout will also help users to navigate the website much easily. Anything you may do to reduce doubt or confusion on the part of the user will make their experience more productive.

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