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  • When you have a business website, you cannot afford an unreliable host. If you choose a commercial host that isn't prepared for the traffic you or their other customers bring, you might experience problems. Seeing your website go down is stressful. It's even more stressful when you don't find out about it until your customers email you, wondering why they can't access your website! With Smartinfosys web hosting, these worries are a thing of the past. Our managed hosting packages are just what you need.

    Our Range of Hosting Packages

    Whether you run a small personal blog, a massive corporation website with tons of traffic, or something in between, our hosting packages have a solution for you. We know that no company or website has the exact same needs, which is why our website hosting packages are tailored to specific needs you may have.

    Managed Shared Hosting

    Managed Shared Hosting

    This hosting package is our most affordable option at $4.95 per month. Your website is hosted on the same server as other websites, with whom you "share" the space and the bandwidth. This hosting package offers weekly backups of your website. This protects you in the event that your website gets hacked or something else causes a loss of data on the server. Rather than having to start from scratch, you can go to your last weekly backup!

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    Managed Semi-VPS Hosting

    Managed Semi-VPS Hosting

    Our Reseller or Managed Semi-VPS hosting services are comprised of a Virtual Private Server which is designed to suit the needs of your business. You will get a private server & powerful resources for your hosting needs. Managed Semi-VPS hosting is a web hosting solution for large businesses where site traffic is very high and requires heavy server resources. With our Managed Semi-VPS / Reseller hosting, You will get Support from our administrators to take care of basic server configuration in order to enable your smooth business operations, so that you can achieve your business objectives.Start your growth story with us by opting in our services starting with as low as $29.95/Month.

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    Managed VPS Hosting

    Managed VPS Hosting

    VPS hosting is Virtual Private Server hosting. They are a virtualized server that runs much the same as a dedicated physical server. This web hosting solution is perfect for mid-size businesses and those with moderate space and bandwidth demands. In addition to the features listed above, there are other benefits to choosing managed VPS hosting. You get full root access, nightly backups (rather than weekly), firewall protection, and control panel options. Starting at $60 per month, managed VPS hosting is an affordable way to get the service you need.

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    Managed KVM Cloud VPS Hosting

    Managed KVM Cloud VPS Hosting

    Kernel Based Virtual Machine (KVM) VPS is a virtual private server that is above the physical dedicated server. It is a flexible and powerful hosting service. We provide you with numerous features like hosting unlimited domains, 2 dedicated IP addresses, dedicated CPU cores and 99.9999% uptime. Our packages include affordable solutions, 24*7 support, free migration and regular backup for KVM cloud VPS hosting. Our hosting packages start at $90 per month.

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    Managed Dedicated Hosting

    Managed Dedicated Hosting

    Managed dedicated hosting is our most powerful web hosting option. You get your own dedicated physical server for your website, which makes this the ideal choice for websites that need lots of space and bandwidth. You get a secured, isolated environment, firewall protection, and a cPanel/WHM control panel. Managed dedicated hosting starts at only $230 per month!

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    All Of Our Hosting Packages Come With These Features:

    • Free server monitoring
    • CentOS operating system
    • Secured backup system
    • Server hardening & firewalls
    • Control panel Choices
    • 99.995% Online guarantee
    • 24/7/365 Smart support

    With our web hosting options, you can rest easy at night knowing that your website is working for you no matter what you are doing! If you need help or notice an issue with your hosting, you don't have to wait to get that issue addressed. With 24/7 support available via helpdesk system, your question will be addressed promptly! Visit today to figure out the right web hosting package for you and your business or contact us today by filling in enquiry form.