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  • An Overview

    You can hire dedicated professionals from us in the field of website design, website coding, graphics design, SEO and quality testing. Our developers are highly experienced and well versed with their specialized skills. They remain excited and passionate about your project and deliver you complete satisfaction.

  • The Work Process

    We provide guaranteed 40 hours of work or 5 days@8 hours a day in a week. Dedicated Staff is available from Monday to Friday from Morning 10 AM to 6 PM Indian Standard Time (GMT+5:30). When you hire dedicated staffing from us, we will assign you a project manager who will be your single point of contact. He/she would manage all the work and will ensure the work is executed & delivered on time after testing. Also, the PM will be responsible for all the project related communication and keeping the records of hours consumed on each task. Once you hire dedicated staff from us, we create your account on our project management system and screen monitoring system. In various cases, we configure your website on our test server to carry our website work and on your approval, the changes are migrated to live server. This ensure no downtime and maximum efficiency. You can also monitor your work regularly through screen monitoring system that provides your work screenshots, every 5 minutes.

  • Sophisticated Infrastructure, Qualified Staff & Complete Control On Staff With Exception Savings

    An efficient arrangement in which your remote team works under expert supervision. We have sophisticated infrastructure comprising latest computer hardware and software, secured network and modern communication facilities. The hourly cost comes out to be as low as 15 USD. Every dedicated staff is available for 8 hours to work on your tasks and is available on Skype/Live Chat for discussion.

  • Non Disclosure Agreement

    We sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with our customers to make sure that anything shared with us remains confidential. We also give 100% exclusive rights of work to the customer.