How To Update Payment Information

    • How To Update Your Payment Information

      01. In order to update the card details, you can access our payment gateway - myAccount section available at the below link.

      (Please copy and paste the entire link into their browser, to avoid any possible inconsistencies).

      When you access 2Checkout myAccount for the first time, you will need to go to "Create new account" and
      enter the e-mail address
      using which you had placed the order
      02. You will then receive an email from containing a
      to setup your password to access your account.
      03. Clicking on the link given in the email will take you to an interface allowing you to create password for your account.
      Once you login using your email address and password, click on
      "My Products"
      and select
      "Recurring Subscription"
      from Display Dropdown. The page will display all the active recurring subscriptions.
      Click on
      "Update credit card"
      link given along with your subscription entry. You can now update your payment information by clicking on
      "Update credit card info"
      button for the subscription. You can choose any of the existing cards inserted by you in the past or can add a new card.
      How Can You Add / Edit Your Credit Card Information You can
      edit your existing credit card
      information by clicking on
      "Payment Methods"
      . You can also add a new credit card in your account. Once the
      new card is added
      , you can associate the card with the subscription for which you want to update the payment information.
      In case if you have any additional questions, please send us email at and we can answer for you.