5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Web Host

May 2016

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Finally after a long thought you have decided to launch your website. The selection of web host is as important as other aspects of website, if not more. Since there are so many web hosting service providers present in the market, choosing one is a tedious task. A reliable web host can help you in generating more revenues while a bad one can bring down your company’s reputation.

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Web Host

Since you want to select the best web host for your business, you get carried away by various false claims. While choosing the right web host, you should take care of all the necessary elements required for proper functioning of your website. Some of the most common mistakes that should be avoided while choosing the web host are listed below.

1: Searching for Top Rated Web Hosts

The internet is full of tall claims made by various web hosts who want to trap you with their offering. These web hosts will try their best to take money out of your by hook or by crook. If you really want to select the right web host for your business, research well before selecting one. Get reviews from the customers and also check the online reviews. It is always better to do a little homework before choosing your web host.

2: Looking for Unlimited Resources

Do not get trapped in the word ‘Unlimited’. There are many web hosts who will proclaim to be providing unlimited internet but fall flat at the time of delivery. There is nothing called “unlimited” in the web hosting industry. Every plan has its limitations in one or the other way. The storage and bandwidth can never be unlimited unless you pay hefty price for it. Understand the actual service which they are offering at the price which they are charging.

3: Giving Priority to Price

Do not compromise web hosting service for money. You will surely find many web hosts who can provide you service at peanuts but service is guaranteed. No web host can provide you a quality service without charging you decently. You will have to understand the difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’. Always giving priority to price will lead to in trouble in case of hosting services. You will have to shell out money from your pocket for getting quality web hosting services.

4: Not Reading Terms of Service(ToS)

Never indulge yourself with any web host without reading the terms of service properly. There can be various hidden costs and terms mentioned in the policy which should be read before choosing it. After saying that the plan is unlimited, the web host might start charging you more stating that it was mentioned in the ToS. Read the refund and withdrawal policy properly before entering into the contract with the web host.

5: Long Commitment

If you are not an experienced person in dealing with web hosts, it is better to start with a short plan. It is not advisable to start with a yearly plan as it will be tough to get your money back in case of poor service. Do not pay all the amount in advance and regret later. Go for a short plan maybe 3 months so that you can check the service. Extent your subscription only after being fully convinced with the service rendered by the web host.

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