5 Reasons Why Dedicated Server Hosting Is Best For Your Website

Apr 2016

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While launching a website, you will have many web hosting options such as shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. Each business chooses the hosting plan which best suits the need and budget of the business. Usually businesses start with shared hosting but it turns out to be a bad option in the long run.

5 Reasons Why Dedicated Server Hosting Is Best For Your Website

Dedicated server hosting provides you with the much needed power, control and security which your website requires as your business grows. Choosing dedicated server hosting is the best alternative for your website over other hosting options. The points listed below further states why dedicated server hosting is the best for your website.

1. You Will Get Your Own Unique IP Address

As you know every server has its single and unique IP address. In case of shared web hosting, hundreds of website are hosted on the same server, sharing the same IP address. If any of these websites gets blacklisted due to any reasons, it will subsequently affect all the websites as well. Dedicated server hosting provides your website with a unique IP address, exclusively for your website. Unique IP address for your website will make sure that you do not get blacklisted due to mischievous activities by others.

2. You Will Not Have To Share Server Resources

As like sharing the same IP address, you will have to share the server resources also. Since there are hundreds of websites hosted on the same server, there is always a competition among the websites. They always try to extract maximum server resources (CPU, RAM, Hard Disk, Bandwidth, etc.) for better functioning of their website. Dedicated server hosting give you the full access to the server resources. Being the sole user of your resources, you will never find any difficulty regarding the utilization of resources for a flawless performance.

3. You Will Get Unbreachable Security Protection

Due to sharing the same IP address and server resources with hundreds of other websites, you might face virus and malicious elements attack on your website. Your website is at risk of being blacklisted due to the activities of others. A virus or malware attack on any of the website on the server will make your website vulnerable too. Dedicated server hosting makes your website completely secured. You can install various security measures to make your website absolutely secured against any security breach.

4. You Will Have Greater Flexibility, Control & Freedom

Since shared hosting is burdened with a lot of websites, there is always a competition among the websites to claim the maximum server resources. Any website on the server can use any part of the server without any limitation. Dedicated server hosting will give you better flexibility, control and freedom for flawless performance of your website. You can use the server resources according to the needs and requirements of your website. Better control on your resources ensures best functioning of your website which enhances the user experience.

5. You Will Enjoy Enhanced Performance & Best Server Uptime

In case of shared web hosting, same resources are being used by hundreds of websites at the same time. Due to heavy burden on the resources the performance of your website gets affected. This often leads to server downtime, creating a bad name for your business. Dedicated server hosting ensures that your website gets adequate resources for smooth functioning. Your website will enjoy the highest server uptime, being always up and running. Make sure your website is hosted on a dedicated server for smooth functioning and better up time.

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