5 Steps To A Successful New Website Launch

Jun 2017

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In this digital age, a website is important for your business to survive. Being one of the most powerful tools for marketing, you need to hire a website designing company that can give you the most amazing website design and help you with your website development.

5 Steps to a Successful New Website Launch

Below are the important steps to help you ensure that the launch of your new website will be a success.

Start With the Website Development Project

Prior to starting a site project, see to it that you consider your budget, and the people who will man the whole process. Validate if your existing website developer has the necessary skills for achieving your digital goals or it might be time to search for other options.

Establish the Foundation

In the same way that engineers don’t start a building without blueprints, you should have a set plan that includes all the must-haves and the nice-to-haves. Most of the time, different stakeholders have their own wish list which can lead to scope creep, inflate budgets, and delayed launch without really giving support to your business objectives. Experts recommend that you take a look at your marketing and business plans, value proposition, brand, market/customer augmentation, existing digital assets, and technological needs.

Look for the Right Partner

After documenting all the requirements, there are numerous options for developing the new site. You can opt to purchase an out of the box solution with monthly fee, hire a full service website maintenance company, or use a freelance website developer. It is best that you choose a renowned web development firm that specializes in website design, website optimization, website speed, SEO and everything involved herein.

Manage the Project

Once you chose the right firm, see to it that you sign a contract which includes your milestones and buildup requirements with specific dates. The moment the project takes off, supervise the entire process as there will be some unexpected things which can happen. When you are involved, these will never come out of the blue.

Track the Progress and Celebrate Your Brand New Site

See to it that you understand what you are reviewing in every phase for you to sign off on deliverables with complete confidence. You also have to track for any bugs in your chosen web partner and ensure that an analytics solution has been put in place from the very first day for measuring your performance. If this is an ecommerce site, test all steps of the process of ordering to guarantee a smooth experience for customers and an optimal sale conversion. Aside from the post launch warranty, your chosen web firm must also offer a maintenance and security program to keep your site updated. This is imperative.

Remember that the launch of your site is merely the start of a wonderful journey. You have to be hands on in everything to ensure that your site will not only enjoy a successful launch but also a thriving popularity in the many years to come.

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