How Chatbots have Revolutionized Social Media Marketing

Sep 2019

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Chatbots are new age contemporaries and are better conversationalists to make this medium one of the most entertaining one. Social Media has given in to messaging apps such as We Chat, Slack, and Facebook Messenger. The messaging apps are integrated with chat bots that mimics humans to strike a conversation with them and in the process leverages the most critical engagements with brands.

How chat-bots have revolutionalized Social Media Marketing

Additionally, chat bots are getting increasingly personalized by giving customers what they ask for such as product know-how or a business plan, downsizing Google search trends which give them answers but with infinite delay.

In the earlier days, SEO and SEM had gained tremendous traction in letting users believe that this was all there is to know about marketing till social media later gained leverage by integrating them with SEO and SEM.

It is not far away that chat bots will impersonate users and do away with tasks such as confirming airline /flight details, book tickets and make purchases. This will be the next wave of marketing spoils that come your way and taking nothing away from chatbots, they will replicate humans in these categories.

The so called personalization will become more deeply entrenched with users engaging with chatbots more severely in many more mundane applications without vetting with Google search engine first for their answers.

The expanding messaging apps are replacing social media networks which are quite trendy and profitable with four popular social media networks losing out to chatbots as the ideal go-to source for any oft repeated exercises. The trend also reduces worrisome ad promotions with increase in ROI.

More and more users are taking to messaging apps rather than social media networks which are hardly surprising for its use based intent that goes one step further by engaging with users to tap content via users preferred app.

The chatbots in acceding to user requests online for giving all the answers of the cuff and with little hesitation has got user weaning away from Google search engine for all its queries.

Chatbots are replacing user online searches and queries for playing ads or video content that goes as far as it can in closeness in the name of personalization whereas a human sounding bot is having a real conversation with users to get this far in engagement.

This engagement from chat bots was very entertaining often leaving a smile of satisfaction on the users face with the user gaining more information than he would have imagined from an impersonal confrontation with the bot. This cute interaction between user and chatbot is what got the user interested in the first place with him so contended, that he decides to share this conversation with his closest ones passing screenshots and acceptable to the bot for his closeness with the messaging apps at last.

Brands would like to attract users in their eager quest for closeness with users which is also what the chatbot is striving for in its quest for personalization without invading privacy.

Chatbots have a way of maneuvering with users and asking harmless questions to fill his quest for knowledge that is immensely useful in keeping user at ease and comfort.

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