How Do Shopify Blog Templates Turn Your Traffic Into Sales?

Jul 2019

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In this digital era, if you want to drive sales to an e-commerce website, you have to drive traffic. As long as you drive traffic, you will have conversions. But still, your e-commerce website development theme and layout will matter. Even though website development is a daunting task, Shopify themes will give you the quality and efficiency you want. Along with the simplicity of the features needed.

How Do Shopify Blog Templates Turn Your Traffic Into Sales


Shopify templates are preferred in e-commerce website development as they help turn traffic. This is due to the fact that;

  • No Tech Issues

    Shopify themes are designed to stress you with tech problems. All software and hosting are provided by Shopify. Still, the hosting is faster and secure. You can accommodate any traffic magnitude on your website. All updates are taken care of. So, you only remain with one task. Focus on selling your products.

  • Fast Loading Speed

    Shopify designs are famous globally. Not so, the infrastructure together with the optimized hardware and software are reliable. This gives the framework a fast loading speed. As a result, any e-commerce web development designed on it will give customers an easy time. They will have an easy time to navigate your blog.

  • Mobile Responsiveness

    Mobile responsiveness is nowadays a key to the success of an online store. The number of mobile shoppers is increasing on a daily basis. Shopify templates are mobile responsive and you can use it in your store. You can even manage the store using free iPhone and Android available apps.

  • Powerful Marketing Tools

    Shopify templates have a complete marketing edge. The basic version has SEO features plus advanced e-commerce analytics. Besides, it has discount coupons, store statistics, custom gift cards, and targeted email marketing among others. With all these features, turning traffic into sales is just a click of a button.

  • Visually Appealing Online Blog

    Your online store is your brand. It portrays everything about your products and services. Above all, the use of Shopify designs will have a huge impact on driving traffic. Shopify store features hundreds of professional templates. Designers can work on and create your website rich in UI and extraordinary UX.

  • Payment Gateways

    Shopify has its own payment gateway powered by Stripe. Still, it has integrated with dozens of payment gateways. If you use it, you won’t incur any transaction fee. And you will benefit from lower credit card fees. All these gateways offer shoppers an advantage to using the one they are comfortable with. You won’t limit their purchases because of the mode of payment.

With all these features and characters, Shopify themes should help attract traffic and convert into sales. Note that when traffic floods your blog, it is because of several reasons. One, they are looking for a solution to the problem they have. Two, they have been referred to your website. In regard to this, e-commerce website development is as crucial as the traffic.

Nevertheless, there are hundreds of customized themes in Shopify store. Both free and paid all which will fit your online store needs.

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    Shopify is best and by using the blog templates which you just talked about would be great for me because I am a blogger. It will really help me to gather more traffic

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