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Feb 2014

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Writing successfully is not as easy as it seems at first sight. If you are a professional writer, you might have had got stuck into “Writer’s block” probably many times. And it gets even worse when you aren’t able to find a good topic to write upon.

There are times when you have best-in-industry skills, excellent knowledge and all required tools but you are lacking of a viral content idea and you are just hanged up due to that.

So sometimes, all it takes to write a successful post is to have a brilliant content idea, because you have traveled almost half road to successful post once you have a viral idea for content. Thus all you have to figure out is how to generate the viral content idea that ensures great engagability of the people and enormous social sharing by them.

We, at, have written many highly successful posts that got our clients loads of viral traffic for various purpose. Though we can’t expose them publicly being bound with Non Disclosure Agreement, we would love to share you few mind blowing ways to generate viral content ideas that are sure to be consumed and shared by people and will help you achieve a big boost of traffic with few SEO benefits as well. So here we go:

Use Google To Find out What People Are Searching For:

Google Instant:

Google Instant is Google’s accessibility feature that instantly suggests you multiple phrases as you begin typing a word in its search bar. Type your intended keyword in Google’s search bar and you will get almost half dozen content idea suggestions instantly.

Google Instant screenshot

Google Instant preview

Words and phrases showed in Google Instant are those which are most widely searched around the world. So if you write a well optimized post on that topic, you will be able to get good rank on Google too.

Though, beware. It is widely known content idea technique and suggestions you will find out here might have been already targeted for ranking by giant info companies around the world. So be sure whatever idea you choose for your content is not already written on by other powerful competitors in your niche.

Google Trends:

Google trends is free search trend analysis provided by Google. Simply type the keyword in its search bar and it will show you three different trend metrics for that keyword, namely, interest over time, regional interest and related searches.

Google Trends ScreenShot

On the left sidebar, you can also check through lists of hot searches and top charts in diverse different areas like, business, politics, cities, lifestyle, nature, science, shopping, fashion, sports, travelling and leisure. You can also checkout for your target keyword and find rising trends related to it. It will help you come up with a viral content idea.

Question and Answer communities:


Quora is social search engine and more properly, a Q&A community where people get answers to their questions. You can find simple questions and answers shared by people on any given topic here.

Quora Q&A community

What you have to do is find out a good question that has had too less or poor answers, research on it and provide valuable answer to it in your content. Share that post socially and suggest it as answer to the related questions in Quora. If your post is in-depth and useful enough, you will surely get hundreds of page visits (and probably good rank for the related keyword in search engines).

Ask: is probably most famous Q&A portal around the web. Apart from other snippets displayed in its search results, you will find related questions on its sidebar. screenshot

You can read particular questions related to typed keywords, research out in-depth answers to them and post the answer on your own website.

Yahoo Answers:

Well, this one doesn’t need introduction. We all know that Yahoo answers is a renowned question and answer community where users ask their questions and get their answers.

Yahoo Answers acreenshot

You can use it similarly to and to find out viral content ideas for given keywords.

Other Q&A communities are ExperienceProject, StackExchange, AllExperts & Answers.

Get Ideas From Already Viral Websites:

When it comes to crafting viral posts, why not learn from VIRAL GIANTs itself? BuzzFeed, UpWorthy, Reddit,, StumbleUpon, StuffToBlowYourMind etc are some great websites where you can search for a keyword and you will get numbers of posts related to your typed keyword. The best reason to give such sites first priority is that all posts on these sites are already viral. So crafting something similar to them ensures a great deal of viral traffic.


StumbleUpon is one of its kind website and highly successful among all the viral websites worldwide due to its highly engaging content. The registered users of StumbleUpon can choose their topics of interest and get related posts suggested on their dashboard. You can search manually for your desired keyword and you will find hundreds of viral posts on given topic. screenshot

The best thing is that all posts you will see in suggestions are only most liked and shared posts by people. So it provides you some surefire ideas for viral content generation.


When it was launched, nobody knew that BuzzFeed will make it among top 150 websites ranked in Alexa but, it did! Due to highly engaging lists on diverse topics, amazing use of imagery and viral content ideas, BuzzFeed is among the top viral websites in the world.

Buzzfeed screenshot

Find out topics related to your desired keyword and get a list of highly shared viral content from BuzzFeed. Work on the ideas and derive amazing lists for your niche. This way you can build greatly viral post for your own or your client’s business.

Reddit is years old community of Redditors which is one of the most favorite web portal among Americans. People share random stuff relating to their lives and interests here and submit it to relevant groups. You can lookout for groups related to your niche and figure out what kind of stories are engaging people the most. screenshot

As Reddit is active community of social users, most shared stories will be stories with fun elements and mass appeal i.e. viral. It will enable you to create at least two-three good content ideas for your topic.

Visually is free online infographics creation tool. Any registered user can create informational or viral infographics and share it with other users of Visually. If you are planning for infographics, it is an advised place to look for ideas. Viral content is not just textual, it may be in forms of images too. sceenshot

You can run through list of infographics by searching for your keyword and figure out which infographics are liked the most by people. You can release improved and more in-depth text versions of such infographics as most of them will not be published as textual post.

Video And Image sharing websites:


Just like Google, its flagship video giant YouTube is also the most famous for its kind of entertainment. At Youtube trends, you can get insights into YouTube’s user statistics and figure out which are most trending videos by Days, Months or even years. screenshot

Viral Videos with clever titles, optimized descriptions and engaging content get more views compared to other similar videos. For example, videos related to Eminem, Rihanna etc are the most viewed music videos over YouTube. It proves that content related to Eminem and Rihanna will also be equally viral for websites related to music. Apply this same logic for your niche. Go to Youtube and find out what is the core element that works in videos of your niche. Thus it will help you create fabulous content idea too.


Flickr is widely famous video and image sharing platform where people post their photos with title, descriptions and related keywords. screenshot

While most of people share visually appealing content here, you will also find some of textual images and infographics which you can use to generate viral content ideas.


Pinterest is pure image based website where people share their photos, their own images and others’ images. You can find images on any topic by entering your desired keywords. screenshot

Apart from good looking photos, most pinned photos are those coming from highly popular websites. Click on such most pinned photos and you will be led to resource page. Go through that page or multiple pages and you will probably find dozens of content creation ideas in turn.

Other video and image sharing websites to find viral content ideas are iStockPhoto, 123rf, Metacafe, Vube, Dailymotion etc.

HowTo sites:

How to websites are simply viral websites because they attach people by providing them most valuable tips and HOW TOs on given topics.


Being run by an Open Community, people can freely write and edit content available over WikiHow. It neither helps you to get backlinks nor the traffic but it can give you handful of amazing ideas at least. What you have to do with WikiHow is to find out your keywords and related HOW TOs on it. screenshot

Read those HOW TOs and find what are they lacking at. Though it is hard to do, once you find some good lacking points in HOW TOs of your niche, you can start working hard upon the matters and generate comprehensive HOW TOs in your niche. It is quite demanding thing to do that, but once done, it will pay much more in turn!

Some other great HowTo websites are HowStuffWorks, eHow, MakeUseOf, etc.

Analytics & Idea Generation Tools:

While targetting a community of specific kind of users, it is always better to have clear idea of what they do love to read and share. Here are some great free analysis tools where you can trackout social activities taking place around the world, so that you can write out an appealing post for your business.


Topsy is one of our most favorite social analysis tool & it is free! With Topsy, you will be able to find hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and all time tweets related to your desired keyword. You can find influencers in your niche and trace what they are sharing to know the latest happenings within your industry. Tipsy also allows you to track images, links, tweets and much more. screenshot

Another great feature of this tool is that you can compare multiple different keywords and it will show you an easy-to-understand graph looking at which, you can figure out which one is the hottest keyword currently to write something about.

Portent Content Idea Tool:

When it comes to viral headlines, Portent content idea maker tool is the best of all listed here on this post and outside of it. When you type a keyword in its search box, it will generate a highly viral title.

Portent content idea tool screenshot

These title suggestions are psychologically strengthened and most of them are paradoxical hooks. It makes you sure that if you write on topics generated by Portent keyword tool, it has so much possibility to prove a super hit.


Soovle is simple yet highly powerful tool you can use to find content ideas. It gives you dozens of content ideas on the spot as soon as you type the keyword. screenshot

The best thing about Soovle is that it takes content ideas from world’s most famous search providers like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube etc. It suggests you some of the most searched keywords by people over these platforms.

Other similar tools for generating viral content ideas by analyzing social web are IceRocket, SocialMention & KeyHole.

Among all of the ideas and tools provided in this post, Soovle is our most favorite pick as it assures best possibility for user searches and that’s why you are reading it at the end of this post.

We hope this post has helped you a lot. If you are running a business and have to deal with content creation as a part of your business strategy, make sure you have right blend of skills, tools and writers. If you are not sure what your business need for it, hire our highly professional copywriting and content writing service. We assure you best of the best for every type of business.

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