How To Use Social Media For Your Website Promotion?

Mar 2017

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Social media is regarded as a vital tool that should always be a part of internet marketing toolbox of businesses. Unfortunately, it also tends to be difficult to manage and even extremely confusing at times. Your website serves as the heart of your online business. Sadly, social media might make you feel as if your mind is scattered everywhere. Don’t forget that your website and social media can and should work hand in hand to establish a solid online presence. Here are some quick tips to help you simplify your social networking campaigns and ensure that social media will support your online marketing efforts.

How To Use Social Media For Your Website Promotion?

Don’t Forget Updates

It can take up a big chunk of your precious time to post to different platforms when you have a blog, Twitter account, Facebook account and others. There are two ways to manage it. One is by setting up a free feed service so that every time you update your blog, it will automatically post the updates to your Facebook and Twitter. The second method is by using a special application where you just have to post once then send this post out to several social media websites simultaneously.

You can make it easier for readers to receive your updates through installing widgets on your site. You can add a single click share button for renowned websites such as Twitter, Facebook and other bookmarking platforms. Just keep it to a few carefully chosen websites. Large boxes filled with links to social media will only clutter your website and remove the essence from your content.

Harness the Power of YouTube

You need to have content that is worthy to share so that social media will work well for you. You can use YouTube as a great means to attract more visitors and make your marketing message go viral. Come up with a slideshow or short clip then post this to YouTube. Integrate this with your site and Facebook profile with a YouTube widget.

Get More Followers on Twitter and Facebook

You can add a box or badge on your site to make it easier for your site visitors to find and follow you. It can be something as simple as a tiny Follow Me widget or as complicated as a Facebook Fan Box which will display your updates and picture in the site sidebar and serve as clickable link to the page.

Social media is no doubt great means to connect and stay in touch with your existing and potential customers on a real level. However, you have to remember that you cannot depend solely on it. To use it to your advantage, your website and social media together with the rest of the marketing methods you use should all work together.
By doing this, you can establish better relationships with your visitors then turn them into buying customers and raving fans. You can also try to find the best SEO company that can assist you with your SEO marketing needs. A good internet marketing company offers quality search engine marketing and SEO services to help you reach your goals.

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