How UI/UX Design Contribute Towards Conversion Rates?

Mar 2018

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Great user experience is very important for a website. Good user experience does not just lead to increase in the revisits of the website but can lead to increase in conversions as well.

Whenever a user visits your website, they have an experience. The quality of their experience will have a huge impact on their opinion and ultimately conversions which is the actual goal of a website. A good interface creates a compelling brand presence. User Interface and User Experience can affect conversion rates to a great extent. Let us look at how UI/UX can contribute towards conversion rates.

How UI/UX design contribute towards conversion rates?

  • First Impressions : A user can get attracted to the website in 0.1 second. If the user is not impressed, then they can leave the website for good. So a website has 0.1 second to make an impression. A person will form an opinion quickly and decide whether they want to use it or not. The first impression of a website depends on a lot of factors like website speed, colours, symmetry, fonts, text, and amount of text, images, spacing and many more. If more attention is paid to these details then it can create a good impression on the first time visitors of the website.
  • Website Speed : Website speed is crucial as it contributes a lot in achieving success. According to a survey, 40% of the people leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Website speed is as much a design issue as it is an engineering issue. Images contribute a lot to page size. So you can try removing some images and replacing them with text. You can also improve page speed by using CSS icon fonts instead of images.
  • Understanding User Behaviour : There are various web analytics available that tell us exactly which pages are leading to website exits. Once you understand what the visitor wants, then you can move on to what can be improved. User behaviour needs to be studied and an in depth analysis can be central to website optimization plan and further improvements.
  • Keep It Simple : The key to good web designing is to keep it simple. This will help in providing ease to the online audience for searching, browsing, purchasing a product, making service requests, making online payments or contacting side admin. It results in high engagement with the website. It is advisable to avoid designs that are too complicated and focus should be on simple process to boost online sales. A proper content layout also results into excellent readability and makes website easy to interact.
  • Mobile Responsive : Now every UI and UX design has to be in consideration with mobile first approach. Mobile conversion rates are very important with the shift in use of internet from computers to mobiles. Mobile responsiveness requires detailed planning for optimization as it is different from desktop optimization.

Every website has a goal of maximum conversions and that can be done by creating a compelling experience for users. There are several ways apart from the ones mentioned above that can improve conversion rate and sales through UI and UX.

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