Types & Importance Of Brochure Design

May 2014

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Whether you are running an enterprise or simply a start-up, marketing is the point we all have to pass through. Though online marketing has now become more important & significant, for all kinds of businesses, offline marketing is still inevitable.

Still most of your consumers are not that much tech-savvy to find your business through Internet. Offline marketing helps you in getting to that remote corner of your business. Offline marketing literally involves lots of separate things but considering its importance, we will be talking here only about brochure design.

Types & Importance Of Brochure Design

Professional Brochure Design

Brochure is among the most effective offline marketing tool that significantly affects the purchase decision of your consumers. The quality of your brochure material, its design & the content inside can easily add or cut off the customers from your business list. The more appealing your brochure, the more attention & hence more retention it will get to your business.

Importance of brochure as a marketing tool

Brochure is direct marketing tool which physically reaches to your customer. For your customers, acquaintances, friends, colleagues & business partners, it is a convenient way of knowing more in-depth about your business & products. They can keep it & read through it anytime they are free & also easily hand-over it to the concerned ones.

Being a form of direct communication, when you reach to your customers through brochures, it makes them feel more valuable & more personal with your brand.


Enough of importance, now a true fact!

That’s quite enough on importance of brochure, now let’s face the reality. You, I & we all are handed over dozens of different promotive materials everyday. As per a research, we all get almost 5,000 promotive messages everyday!

Don’t you get many brochures at your home? Don’t you get so many of them while walking around? Don’t you get many brochures while going for shopping? We all do. And the fact is, most of the times we just throw it out as a piece of paper.

In such a big junk of marketing materials, only few rare of them that appeal your senses, will last there in your memory & it will play an important role while you are purchasing a similar product!


Where does the design stand in-between?

Characteristics Of A Good Brochure Design

Characteristics Of Good Brochure Design

With a well-designed brochure, you can not just catch your target’s attention but also make them read thoroughly about your business & products. A brochure has four vital characteristics any marketing tool must have, namely- promotion, persuasiveness, versatility & afford-ability. Thus by availing eye catching brochure design, you can ensure that everything you want to convey to your targets is being considered & not ignored.


Types of brochures

Once you are clear on why a brochure needs to be professionally well-designed, its time for you to know the types of brochure designs. Below is the visual image showing you the types of brochure design. (Click upon the image to zoom it)

Types Of Printed Brochure Designs

Different Types Of Printed Brochure Designs (click upon image to zoom)

Among these types of brochures, you can pick the one that suits your amount of detail, type of business & business conventions the most.
Types & Importance Of Brochure Design  For unconventional businesses, you can also opt for unconventional brochure designs like hexagonal brochure, triangular brochure etc.

All in all, if you are planning for better market out-reach, a good brochure design is must. So go, get an appealing, professional brochure design. It will surely bring you more business than the actual spend you do behind it.  Whenever somebody boasts to you about her smartness of ignoring brochures & implementing solely online promotions, just share her this post & wish her best of luck for her marketing campaign!

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    Human beings are primarily visual beings. Every individual has a tendency to go for a theme or substance which is provoking and striking with a stimulating methodology. For instance: the ancient saying goes, customers often ‘judge a book by its cover’, therefore it’s vital to develop this constituent spot on if you want your brochure to be the one that is chosen up. The visual area of our brain makes up approximately 30% of the cortex which implies that in terms of psychology, we are drawn to graphics and images that sounds fascinating to us. Marketers have extensively acknowledged the significance of packaging and labeling to consumers, and there is no difference in the brochure design.

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