Web Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

Apr 2017

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Website development has been a dynamic industry that layers and reshapes itself depending on the changing trends and the newest technological advancements introduced.

The year 2017 promises to bring an exciting surge of ecommerce web design and development including the use of design snippets inspired by virtual reality and artificial intelligence and more, What trends in web designing and development will stand out this year?

Web Development Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

Virtual Reality to Rise to Fame

Virtual reality is among the hottest subjects of discussion in 2016. The trend is also expected to take websites a notch higher in 2017. There are now many websites which instructed their website development company to employ virtual reality. This trend is expected to spread wider and further this year.

How will virtual reality affect web design and development? An expert web development company can root for more advanced and immersive 3D effects made possible by augment reality on sites in order to give visitors a more engaging and memorable experience.

For instance, if it is a real estate site, a web design company can use the virtual reality quotient for real estate tours to assure a more engrossing and interactive feel for website visitors. VR-based websites can in fact show amazing potentials in increasing the CTR of a website since when you engage visitor better, you will also have better chances of success.

Artificial Intelligence to Change the Rules of the Game

Artificial intelligence is the hottest buzzword in 2016 as it steadily makes its way to web development industry recently. It is said that artificial intelligence shakes hands with website development and design. In fact, it is no longer new to find a graphic design company that makes use of artificial intelligence technology in coming up with customized sites.

How does this process work, then? A website development company assigns dedicated AI assistants. You will be asked several questions about the website you are planning to build. These questions are meant to grasp a better understanding of the particular theme of your business and the industry it belongs to. Based on the extensively programmed algorithms, the assistant will then create the most suitable combination of branding, layout, design and content for your site.

Static Site Generators to Join the Crowd

Static site generators create websites from plain text. The static websites enjoy a good amount of perks such as improved security, speed, deployment ease and smarter tackling of surges in traffic. In the same way that content delivery networks and APIs are increasingly becoming more vital for the web, modern site developers also hold high hopes this year for the rise of static site generators.

The year 2017 sure has seen the launch of a plethora of brand new trends and endless possibilities that any website development company must be aware of in order to make their websites edgier and more competitive than ever before. You can harness the potential of these latest trends when you employ the services of the most dependable web design and development company.

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