Why Content Marketing Is King In SEO?

Jan 2015

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Marketing in the digital world is getting new avenues everyday and everyone wants to get on the top of the search results. Black hat techniques are the things of past and Google started penalizing such sites. The recent Google Panda update targeted Spam sites and low quality sites which existed just to get the search traffic.

Another important update Google Penguin 3 was introduced in Oct 17, 2014 in which a new algorithm has been put into place to get the most relevant searches. This resulted into sharp dip of rankings for those sites who were using black hat/unfair techniques in SEO. This update affected approximately 3.1% of the search queries in English language.

Why content marketing is King in SEO?

Content writing: The new king of SEO

Google making changes in its algorithm and getting rid of Spam sites and black hat techniques led to the rise of the content marketing and made content marketing; the king of SEO.

Content marketing with the help of social media started to gain more people they started to tweet, like and do +1’s. It is important that your content is of high quality and must be written in a natural fashion for easy communication. Search engines give due emphasis on those sites in which the content is well executed and active on various social networking platforms.

Content doesn’t generally mean text but also encompasses videos, images, graphics; all these elements of well written content help in communicating the right message to the customers. It is well said that sometimes what a text doesn’t express can be easily expressed by the use of image or video. It is important that the planned content consists of all the important elements and is also executed in an interesting way to generate interest among visitors.

Content marketing has risen as a king and making other SEO techniques as the foot soldiers. You just need to make sure that your content is unique and an effective voice for your brand.

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