How to make your Facebook page design more attractive?

Apr 2016

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Social media has become the most important pillar of marketing your business these days. With the kind of traffic it has and the impact it can create, it must be integrated in your business promotional strategy. Facebook is the most significant social media platform for your business promotion. Being the second most seen site in the world, its importance is self-explanatory.

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Creating a facebook page for your business is the first step of making your brand popular. Designing your facebook page needs professional knowledge and acumen. Your design should be such that it attracts maximum audience. Just attracting your audience is not good enough, you should give every reason to them to spend time on your facebook page. If your visitors will spend time on your facebook page, there is every possibility that they would like or recommend your brand.

There are many things which can be done to make your facebook page more attractive and interactive. Some of the important tips for making your facebook page more alluring are listed below.

1. Choose a meaningful cover image

The cover photo which you select for your facebook page is very important. It is more than a mere image, it is the first thing that the visitor will see while visiting your page. Beautiful, meaningful and attractive cover image will create a strong first impression on the visitors. It can give the overall picture about your brand to the visitors. Make sure it is designed properly so that it creates the impression which is expected from it.

2. Go for a proper and good quality profile picture

The second thing that comes in the sequence of designing an attractive facebook page is the profile picture. Usually the logo of the company is uploaded in this section. A decent logo of your company can help you in establishing your brand in a stronger way. Use a professional and clear logo for profile picture because it can help you in branding. Your logo should be such that it helps people remember your brand name.

3. Allow visitors to rate your page

Though not mandatory, adding this section in the facebook page design can make it more interactive. It certainly adds value to your page because the visitors think that their opinion is taken into consideration. Your visitors might like or dislike your page but they would certainly like this idea of taking their views. You will get the instant reaction of the visitors on which you can work for further improvements of your page.

4. Engage visitors with interesting facts and updates

Your visitors like latest and interesting updates so give them what they like. If you will analyze the most liked facebook pages, they all will have interesting facts and latest updates on their page. Posting interesting facts and updates will work as glue for your visitors. Your visitors will loathe your facebook page if they will find it inactive. If you want to attract maximum visitors, keep your facebook page updated and juicy.

5. Set up a quiz/competition for more engagement

Visitors like some sort of engagement when it comes to liking a page. Make your facebook page both interesting and entertaining by conducting online games and quizzes. You can also conduct several surveys/polls for getting valuable inputs from your visitors. Schedule these activities on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your requirements. These activities will surely make your facebook page more interactive and bring more visitors.

6. Shower gifts/rewards to your visitors

Your visitors will always love the idea of getting some gifts or rewards from you. As the visitors will engage themselves in quiz and survey, they should be awarded with something in return. You can give gifts, discount coupons, etc to make visitors feel special. After being recognised by you, your visitors will be more loyal towards your brand. Showering gifts on your visitors will always bring positive result to your facebook page.

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