10 Great Reasons To Redesign Your Website

Mar 2016

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Be it anything, change is and will always be inevitable. Your website being no exception also need to incorporate various changes according to the ever-changing technology and taste of your customers. Even if your your website does not require a facelift, it surely needs a touch-up after a certain period of time. Listed below are the most important reasons why your website requires a redesign to attract more visitors.

10 Great Reasons to Redesign Your Website

1. It’s all about the first impression

Your visitors will form an opinion about your website within the first few seconds. If you are trying to sell your product or service through a business website, it’s better to put your best foot forward. Your website should not be a piece of art but it should definitely look good to woo visitors. Make sure that your website creates a good impression whenever a customer visits your website.

2. It does not urge a feeling of doing something among viewers

In order to convert your visitors into customers, you should urge your visitors to buy your offerings. Incorporate elements like ‘buy button’, ‘buy form’, etc to trigger the buying decision of your visitors. Your website should not use words like a pushy salesman as the last thing which your visitors would like is constant nagging about buying the products and services.

3. Navigation links are not clean

The various navigation links which you are using for your website will also affect the buying decision of your visitors. The navigation links which you use should be short, descriptive and specific. There should not be any ambiguity in the minds of the customers when they visit a page regarding the utility of that page for them. Go for a clean navigation link for better user-experience.

4. Content is stale and uninteresting

The most important thing which will attract visitors to your website is the content on your website. The content on your web pages should be engaging, interesting and most importantly, it should be latest. Latest and updated content on your website will act as glue for your visitors who will throng, increasing your web traffic.

5. Images are not optimized

The most annoying thing which could act as a repellant for your visitors is the slow upload time of your website. Huge pictures which are not optimized will increase the load time of your website. The images and the file formats should be such that it does not affect the load time of your website. Crop your images and resize them, optimizing them for small file size.

6. The content in the text is too dense

Reading on a computer screen is always tougher than reading the same in black and white. Make sure to give a better reading experience to your users by choosing the right fonts, typeface and color-combination. Consider making some part of the text bold to help those who scan your site instead of reading it.

7. The site is hosted on free service

There is no harm in going for free hosting if you are using your website for personal use but not if you are using it for business purpose. Your business website needs a full-time(paid) hosting service for better performance. Even when you require a SSL security certificate, chose the paid web hosting service over the free services available.

9. Navigation links are ill-placed

Many a times you will find that the navigation links are not present at the top of the page which is not a good practice. You cannot expect your visitors to scroll down just to see your full page. Use navigation links both at the top and bottom of your page to facilitate your visitors. Make sure that all the information is easily available to all your visitors.

10. The text is too flashy to read

Select the background of your web page very wisely because it can enhance or ruin the look of your website. Use appropriate colors for your background and fonts to bring out the contrast effect. Use a prominent color for your header text to make it stand out from the rest. Avoid using too many flashy colors so as to make the text readable to your visitors.

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