10 Things To Watch Out For In A Web Hosting Service

Apr 2016

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Having a website these days has become a necessity for most of the businesses. Infact there are many businesses these days who cannot afford to have a few minutes of downtime. Businesses do not want to want to lose a single customer on account of website running issues. There should not be any instance when your customer cannot access your website.

10 Things to watch out for in a Web Hosting Service

Selecting the right web hosting service provider from the various options available is a challenging task. Right from the local to the national web hosting service provider, you will get variety of services at different prices. It is upto you to decide the kind of service you need because you have to think about your budget as well. Listed below are certain points that should be considered before closing in on a web hosting service provider.

1. The Support it offers

Different service provider will offer you different set of services but you have to chose the one which best suits your needs. Though nobody can boasts of 100% error-free web hosting service but atleast you should be assured of the support. Web hoster who respond to your issues on immediate basis and is available 24*7 should be selected over others.

2. The Parking Service it provides

You should make sure that your web hosting service provider gives you an opportunity to park your company’s other names on the domain. Most of the companies buy their domain names just to find out later that there are various issues popping up due to their domain names. You should make an attempt to struck a deal with your service provider so that you can control these yourself.

3. The Backup it promises

There might be instances when you might lose your useful data due to human or technical flaw. It is always better to keep adequate backup for the data on your website. Your web hosting service provider should have a proper data backup strategy. It would always be better to know your host’s disaster recovery plans so that you can decide on it.

4. The Uptime Guarantee it has

Your customers will never come back again if they will find a blank screen after typing your URL. Make sure that the web host you have selected has an established track record of providing the best uptime and redundancy. Uptime of 99 or more should be selected and moreover your host’s server should have multiple backup locations for any emergency.

5. The Accessibility it provides

There are many web hosts who restrict you from making changes on your website. Avoid the web hosting service provider which does not allow you to create new email accounts, make changes to server settings, etc. Go for the web host which offers you maximum accessibility because accessibility will be a deciding factor while choosing your web host.

6. The Blogability it offers

Blog has become a major marketing tool for your website. While selecting your web host, keep in mind that it should meet the requirements for hosting a blog platform. WordPress, the leading blogging platform should be compatible with your web host. Choosing a web host which supports blogging platforms will give you another tool to popularize your website.

7. The Decision of Share or Not to Share

Depending on the needs of your business and the traffic which is expected to be generated on your website, you can select the hosting service. You can go for shared hosting where you will be sharing your server resources with others, fit for small business. You can select dedicated server hosting if you find that your website is creating more traffic.

8. The Add-ons it has

Before selecting the web host, get yourself clear about the things which are covered in the package you opt for. You should not get deceived by the low price and later regret about the hidden costs involved. Be certain about the kind of add-ons provided by your web host before finalizing it. Enquire about the extra price you will have to pay for more services.

9. The Scalability it promises

While planning for the right web host, you should also take the scalability into consideration. The web hosting service provider must give you the ability to scale up as you grow bigger. The services offered at the time of beginning should be altered according to the growth in business. Before finalizing, get an idea about the extra charge you have to pay for scaling up your website.

10. The Exit Strategy it follows

Whatever services you will get from your web host, there is every possibility that things may get sour after some time. If you would like to move to some other web hosting service provider, you should be aware about the exit strategy of the former one. Read the exit policy and guidelines carefully before finalizing a web host for your website.

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