4 Reasons Why Your Internet Marketing Is Not Working

Jul 2016

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All the businesses are going global with the advent of internet, this has increased the importance of internet marketing even more. The impact of an effective online presence is beyond boundary and it can bring the desired result. The right online marketing strategy can bring all the success while the wrong one can ruin your whole efforts.

4 Reasons Why Your Internet Marketing is Not Working

Learning more about internet marketing will help you in building a strong online marketing strategy. Once you implement your internet marketing strategy, there is a need for introspection. There can be many reasons which can lead to poor results from your online marketing. Listed below are some of the reasons which can lead to poor result from internet marketing.

1) “Call to Action” buttons is ignored

There is no alternative to proper “Call To Action”(CTA) buttons when it comes to converting visitors into customers. The visitors want everything quickly without navigating too much for what they are looking for. If you are unable to cater to the needs of visitors instantly, they will switch to your competitors. Even if you are having a “Contact Us” page on your website, it’s important to put proper CTA buttons to urge visitors to buy products or services. Right CTA buttons can help your visitors to take quick decisions while visiting the website.

2) Lack of proper communication

The visitors interact with you on various social media and expect you to respond. Besides building a positive reputation about your business, it also helps you to make your customers loyal to your brand. Replying back to your visitors is both your duty and responsibility, if you want to gain maximum from online marketing. Interaction does not mean an auto responder email, you will have to talk to them individually. Proper attention and interaction will make your customers feel special and turn them into your loyal clients.

3) There is no effective strategy

Just creating a website and making social pages is not good enough for internet marketing, you need to have a well-planned strategy. Making random posts on facebook about you and your company is not an effective strategy. Telling all the people about your company and pitching your company on other people’s site will not help you. Your online marketing should be well planned on the basis of various parameters you have undertaken. Your strategy should define your objectives, goals, milestones, etc which will build your online reputation.

4) No managing and controlling

Finally you have planned a very good strategy and implemented it, what next? Proper monitoring and controlling of your internet strategy is very important. The proper analysis of your strategy will tell you whether the wheel is spinning in the right direction or not. The traffic generated on your website must be properly tracked. The kind of people, where are they coming from, the time they are spending on your site, which sections are they clicking the most, what is bounce rate of your site, etc. These questions have to be answered before you go any further with your strategy.

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