5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Mobile SEO

Jul 2016

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Since the usage of smartphones has skyrocketed and is not going to come down any sooner, the importance of mobile SEO is at its peak. With maximum organic traffic being generated by mobile, if you are not present on mobile you are losing the lion’s share. By not going for mobile SEO, you are gifting your business to your competitors. There is no point losing a large market when you can grab it with the right and effective SEO strategy.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Mobile SEO

If you are using mobile SEO for the first time, there is every possibility that you will commit certain mistakes which will ruin your efforts. With a little awareness you can avoid these common mistakes and gain maximum result. Some of the mistakes which should be avoided while planning and implementing your mobile SEO strategy are given below.

1. Avoid Blocked Javascript and CSS Files

Your visitors will loathe your site if they will find some sudden pop up while searching for something else. The message that pops up due to error in the coding will annoy your visitors. The search engines should be allowed to access Javascript, CSS files and images for better rendering and indexing. The blocked files due to faulty coding will harm the algorithms and the indexing of the site.

2. Avoid Any Unplayable Content

If your video or other playable content cannot play on the mobile, there is no point keeping it. There are some content which plays well on desktop or laptop but fails to play on the mobiles. You can imagine the frustration of the visitors who click on the video to find that it is not playing. If you have any playable content on your site, make sure that it plays itself on every device. You visitors will connect well with you if they will find that every item on your site function well.

3. Avoid All The Faulty Redirects

If you are using links (which you will surely use), make sure that it leads to the right place. The visitors will never return to your site if they will find that the link is either redirecting to wrong place or not redirecting at all. The links should be redirecting the user where they are suppose to be. While using separate mobile URLs, all the desktop users should be redirected to the mobile site. The URLs of the mobile site should direct the user to the right page which he is looking for.

4. Avoid Any Annoying Interstitials

While using overlays on your website, make sure that they are visible on all kinds of devices. There should be proper alignment and synchronization between the content and the design. The outlay should not cover the content totally as it will annoy your user. The misfit of design and content will urge your visitor to switch to your competitor and you will lose a potential sale. Besides losing business, you will also be ranked low by Google for this faulty overlays.

5. Avoid All The Slow Mobile Pages

The visitors will leave your page if it will not load itself within few seconds. Being a customer, you want everything within no time. All the mobile sites will claim that they are the fastest but not all perform when put to test. Even if you have a fast desktop website, you need an equally fast in your mobile site also. The slow mobile sites will lead to losing both ranking and customers. Optimize your images and files so that the pages gets itself loaded fast.

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