5 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid While Writing Content For The Web

Jul 2016

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Writing fresh and informative content for your website is essential for both gaining better ranking and more customers. There is no alternative to reliable and engaging content when it comes to giving a boost to your website ranking. While redesigning your website from time to time, this part is usually overwhelming and time-consuming. Though it appears to be easy, you can many a times commit several mistakes while writing content for your web.

5 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid While Writing Content for the Web

Some of the most common mistakes that you must avoid while writing web content are listed below. Make sure that you do not commit these mistakes to avoid any major issue at the end.

1. Do not use too many jargon

You can use several jargons among your groups but those terms and phrases will sound like a foreign language to your customers. Avoid using any jargons on your website as it will not produce any concrete result for your website. Even while using acronyms or business terminology, you should always include a definition. Using jargons will make it difficult for your readers to understand your information and this should be the last thing that you should do. Make sure that you are writing your content in a language which can be easily understood by your customers.

2. Do not write only for search engines

Though search engine optimization is very important, it should not be your only focus. The web content should be directed towards the users because they are the ultimate deciding factor. Meta tagging is important but while writing it the grammar and the human element should not be missed. While writing the web content for the website, you will have to strike a balance between the SEO and the customer. The best way to do this is by writing the content first for the customers and then editing it to meet the SEO standards for better results.

3. Do not forget to integrate keywords

Focussing on your customers is important but it does not mean you can ignore the various parameters necessary from SEO point of view. While writing the content, special reference should be given to keywords. You cannot bring the relevant changes in the website ranking by forgetting to use the relevant keywords in your web content. Use relevant and specific keywords for your webpages to attain maximum online visibility. Determine your targeted keywords and use them strategically in your content to draw more customers.

4. Do not write with inconsistent voices

It is advised to have a distinct content writer for the website to avoid any inconsistency and duplication in the content. Though writing all the web content alone can be a daunting task for the content writer but it is better than having separate writers for individual departments. There are companies having separate departments whose heads want to write on behalf of their departments. There should be one person who should be responsible for writing and editing the entire content of the website. There should be one voice for better flow and synchronization of the content.

5. Do not finalize without consulting others

Always go for a proof-reading before finalizing content for your website. While writing quickly, we can make small spelling and grammatical mistakes which should be corrected before putting it on the live site. Besides doing the proof-reading yourself, you should also give it to another person for minimizing any risk of skipping small mistakes. Though you are confident about your content still you might commit mistakes. Any small and silly mistake on your website will hamper its credibility and you should never lose a prospect over these silly mistakes.

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