5 Must Know Plugins Of jQuery

Feb 2018

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jQuery is a JavaScript library that is fast, small and full of stunning features. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers. It has a combination of flexibility and extensibility and has changed the way that develops write JavaScript. It has become the most preferred javascript.

5 must know plugins of jQuery

We have listed a few jQuery plugins that you will find useful:

  • SCROLLTO : Scrolling a web page is the most normal thing to do on internet. Whenever you are viewing an article or anything else on a mobile, tablet. Computer or laptop, scrolling is very normal. The ScrollTo plugin makes it easier to scroll whenever you are in a hurry. ScrollTo enables you to click on a link on the page and it will automatically scroll down or up to the section you designate. This has enhanced user experience and works great for extremely long pages and post.
  • TRANSIT : Transit is a plugin for jQuery animations. Transit helps in getting smooth and easing animations without a lot of extra code. It helps in animating anything anyway that you like. You can spin objects, rotate them, slide them, and flip them or anything else. The latest version of Transit offers some great mobile animations as well as cross browser support.
  • MODERNIZR : Modernizr helps in keeping cross browser issues at bay. It helps load the website quickly and detects any JavaScript features that could be the latest technology and may not be supported on all browsers. This leads to developers getting a better idea about which features are supported and which are not. This is very helpful in identifying cross browser issues with animations and other customized functionalities.
  • SMOKE : Smoke form validation and components are made for Bootstrap. It is open source. It’s hosted, developed, and maintained on GitHub. It’s quite simple and very quick to use. Smoke doesn’t use native browser validation. This is why the error messages aren’t automatically localized and validation rules are supposed to be specified using HTML5, data attributes, and JavaScript.
  • MASONRY/ISOTOPE : Masonry is a great plugin that allows for elements to be arranged in a brick-like layout, hence the name “Masonry”. Elements are arranged horizontally, and then vertically based on their size and the container size. Masonry supports plugins that add more flexibility with filtering, sorting and more layout options. It can also arrange block on landing pages.

With new features and new plugins, jQuery is very much popular and has great potential. There are a lot of jQuery plugins in the market and the few listed above are very popular and preferred among developers.

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