5 Tips To Choose An Ecommerce Web Hosting Provider

Jun 2016

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You are planning to extend your business by starting an online business, besides being a daunting task it is also something which requires expertise. Though there are various aspects which are important right from the design to the coding, one thing which is pivotal in its success is the web hosting service. Choosing the web hosting provider for your ecommerce website can be the reason for its success or failure. Since there are various options available for web hosting, it becomes even more important to go for the right one.

5 Tips To Choose an Ecommerce Web Hosting Provider

Being the best judge, you can decide the web host on the basis of the need and budget of your online store. Given below are some of the most important tips which will help you to select the perfect web hosting provider.

1. Speed

The most important factor which can either make the visitor happy or frustrate them is the Speed. According to an estimate, 47% of your customers expect a page to load in seconds and 40% of these visitors will switch to your competitor if your online store takes too long to load. A potential customer should at least see your products before leaving your website. The web host which you have chosen will play an instrumental role in deciding the loading time of your online store.

2. Customer Service

Though you never want your online store to go down for any reason but there will be instances when it will happen. Your web hosting service provider must have a qualified and cooperative support staff available 24*7*365. Make sure that you examine the actual response time of the service provider before finalizing it. Select the one which takes every initiative to resolve your issue in the least possible time.

3. Storage

Online store take a lot of space as it uses images and videos for better display of your products. The size and quantity of these elements needs more storage capacity on the servers. There are many web hosting companies which limit the amount of data stored and also the transferred data. If you will not get the required amount of storage capacity from the server, you will not be able to chose the font, style and design as per your wish for your ecommerce website.

4. Domains

The domain name is nothing but the web address that will give access to your site. Picking up the right domain name is very important for the success of your online store. You can have a free domain name but it always good to have a few extra ones. The extra domains chosen by you will work as if you’re calling dibs on another web address, which is especially helpful when your web address is commonly misspelled.

5. Security

Since you are planning to build an online store, you should be concerned with the security aspect of your website. Your customers should be confident about the security of their card details used during the payment. A private SSL which protects both the credit card information and the user logins and passwords and will surely help in building the customer’s confidence. These security measures are important to check hackers from stealing confidential information.

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