CMS Or PHP Framework : Which One To Select For Your Website?

Jun 2016

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Are you planning to build your business website? Before going any further, the first thing that should be decided is the platform. Since these days there are numerous platforms available on which you can build your website. CMS or PHP framework appears to be the most popular choice for creating a website.

CMS or PHP Framework : Which one to select for your website?

The business owners are usually confused when it comes to deciding between these two amazing platforms for website creation. Given below are some of the parameters which will help you to select the best for your website.

The Technical Skills: If you are not well aware about the web design and development knowledge, better hire a web developer who will do it for you. But even after the completion of your website, you need technical know how to manage it. You will have to be proficient both in PHP programming language and the framework if you are using PHP. Content management system(CMS) does not require too much of technical proficiency and it is much easier to manage. Non-technical people can also manage various tasks such as updating the website, adding and editing content, etc.

The Budget: If money is not the constraint for your website building, you can go for either of the two i.e. PHP framework or CMS. Make sure that you do not miss on the open source aspect which is the most important element. While most of the released PHP framework are released open source, not all CMS in PHP are open source. So if you are riding high on a budget, you can purchase the commercially best available CMS using PHP for your website. All the technical support for installation and maintenance will be provided if you have a budget to pay for it.

The Purpose: The selection of the platform also depends on the the purpose for which the website is being created. If you want to build a website with the sheer purpose of sharing and publishing content on the web, CMS should be your choice. If the main purpose of your website is anything other than sharing such as creating search engine, code library, etc, PHP framework should be your bet. If you want to sell something via your website, choose CMS as it fully supports e-commerce and make the whole experience a lot more easier.

The Complexity: As stated above, PHP framework is much more complex as compared to CMS but at the same time it is more flexible in terms of website implementation. CMS is ruled by its core source code which serves the basic functionality of serving and managing the content. If you are aiming for a website with hi-end features which are missing in CMS, select PHP framework for your website. The only thing that you should keep in mind is the fact that you must have the technical ability to deal with PHP framework.

The Team: The team which is going to handle the various proceedings of the website is crucial in deciding the kind of framework you should go for. A dedicated technical team of PHP programmers will enable you to select PHP framework over CMS. But if your team is not technically sound, CMS should be selected over PHP. You can easily manage and control the various aspects of the website built on CMS without any technical experience. There are many CMS websites run by bloggers, speakers, etc with less or no technical knowledge.

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