5 Ways To Boost Your Mobile SEO Performance

Jul 2016

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With the recent mobile update by Google, it has become even more important to take mobile websites seriously. Web traffic created by mobile has surpassed the traffic created by desktop and this trend has given rise to mobile friendly website. Just building a responsive website is not good enough, you have to ensure that your website is searched and indexed by web crawlers. Your mobile site should appear at top position in the SERPs and all your marketing efforts must be channelized towards it.

5 Ways To Boost Your Mobile SEO Performance

Mobile SEO is a crucial element for your mobile website’s success. The effective implementation of mobile SEO tactics will bring both more visitors and higher ranking. Some of the tips that should be kept in mind while strategizing your mobile SEO activities are given below. These tips will boost your mobile SEO performance for better results.

1. Separate Sitemap for your mobile site

Sitemap is a must have element as it helps the search engines to crawl your pages. The search engines understand which pages or data of your site is allowed to be crawled. The priority for crawling of data is also established by the sitemap. You should create a separate XML sitemap and submit it to various search engines. This will allow them to serve search requests by visitors leading to your site pages in a better way.

2. Googlebot must index your mobile site

Proper use of robot.txt file is important for facilitating Googlebots to index your pages. It is a powerful file which allows web crawlers to access your various files and folders. The Javascript, CSS and Image files of your website should also be indexed. Perform a ‘Fetch & Render’ action with the aid of Google Webmaster Tool to check whether your entire website is indexed by the Google or not.

3. No duplicate content for your mobile site

While using different websites for your desktop and mobile version, you must state the connection properly. By adding rel= “alternate” and rel=”canonical”, you can avoid Google penalty for duplicate content. Since duplicate content may lead to downfall of your Google’s ranking, it is advised to use these tags. These tags are important for sending indexing and ranking signals to Google which consider the sites as two distinct websites.

4. Meta Tags optimization for your mobile site

Optimization of meta tags is very important as it is a crucial ranking factor. The meta title and meta description should follow the maximum characters limit defined by various search engines. Though different search engines have different characters limit, it is better to have 65 characters for meta title and 165 characters for meta description. It is advised to implement Schema.org in order to allow the proportionately large space rich snippets.

5. Proper index and usability for your mobile site

Check and monitor the performance of your mobile website by creating a separate Google webmaster tool for your site. Verify your site with the XML sitemap you have created and improve your site’s search appearance. Google Analytics profile will help you to track and monitor various parameters of your site. Make sure that all the buttons are easily clickable and the pages of the website take less time for loading.

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